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Price for Cannabis Seeds Kalashnikov seeds -2021

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Price for Cannabis Seeds Kalashnikov seeds

Cannabis seeds Kalashnikov seeds

Sidbank has been operating in the CIS since 2013, and in 2014 the products hit the European shelves. Before entering the market, Kalashnikov Seeds breeders spent 11 years in breeding, and such a long period of preparation fully justified itself. Seedbank is one of the top producers in the post-Soviet space, its seeds are supplied to Spain, Italy, England, France, Denmark and other countries.

Kalashnikov Seeds products are the result of crossing pure sativa (landraces) with top varieties from Spain, Holland and Afghanistan. They are based in Kuban, but have grow partners in the Far East, Altai and in the Northern capital, St. Petersburg.

Kalashnikov guarantees stable genetics, yields and powerful effects. Regularly updates the assortment, and a special achievement of the cidbank is the Express line. It includes photoperiodic varieties with a short flowering period.