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High CBD marijuana effect

CBD is a component of cannabis, which is used in medicine because it has no psychoactive substances. 

It helps to get rid of various pains, migraines, depression, treats epilepsy, is suitable for those who have sclerosis.

Cannabis CBD relaxes and leads to the effects of the controversial THC. Cultivated specifically for medical use.

In 1963, research was conducted by R. Meshulal, during which the formula for the component was identified and artificially synthesized.

It is used in medicine because of its antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Some scientists argue that the use of CBD will reduce pain, relieve inflammation, because it acts only positively on the body without having psychoactive components in it.

The Benefits of Seeds

These high CBD cannabis strains are here to heal and cure, so let's look at their benefits:

  • It helps regulate the nervous system;
  • Helps with stress;
  • reduce pain;
  • relieve anxiety;
  • cures Crohn's disease;
  • relieves epilepsy;
  • reduces the appearance of sclerosis.

Review Top 5 High CBD Seeds

There are many varieties with high CBD content, but let's highlight the main ones:

Kuban Doctor.

This variety contains 12% CBD, used for medicinal and prophylactic purposes.

Predominant flavor of honey. And when flowering will be perceptible smell of tangerines.

The name itself speaks to its use, as it is used for medicinal purposes for the prevention of people to improve the condition in various diseases and injuries.

Siberian Harlequin.

It is used to treat chronic pain, migraine. For lovers of mango flavor will be the best in the world.

This variety has 15% CBD, which indicates its usefulness.

CBD Cake.

CBD will be 12%, which indicates the therapeutic use, it is used to make decoctions, oils. It is effective in many diseases, relieves pain, increases appetite.

The smell will remind you of baking with mango and strawberries.

Auto CBD Critical Cure Fem.

This strain will make up 8% CBD, but its use will not be diminished by the fact that when you use it, you will feel less sleepy, more relaxed, and better.

The aroma will be remembered with the sweetness of fruit.

Auto CBD Blue Shark Fem

Contains approximately 6.5% CBD. It will reduce various inflammations, relieve stress, get rid of depression, improve your mood.

It will have a citrus aroma and a slight scent of jasmine.

This article is for information purposes only and does not constitute any propaganda or action.

  • High CBD marijuana effect