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Characteristics of fast-flowering cannabis species

Short-ripening varieties are of interest not only to outdoorsmen who live in fickle, cool climates with short summers. Grooving requires constant attention, and growing conventional photoperiodic varieties can take up to six months. Not everyone is willing to spend that much time and effort. Breeders are aware of this problem, so they breed photoperiodal strains with a short flowering period. And those who want a harvest in a few months after germinating seeds should pay attention to autoflowering varieties.

Autoflowering varieties are the most premature.

Unlike photoperiodic varieties, the flowering phase in autoflowering varieties does not depend on the daylight hours. The grower cannot prolong the vegetative stage, he does not control the development of the plant, only creates the necessary conditions for it. But he knows in advance the duration of the life cycle from the moment the seeds germinate. Autoflowers are excellent for grovelling in a short time, including in a climate that is not too favorable.

The main characteristics of autoflowering cannabis varieties:

  1. The growing season lasts two to four weeks. It cannot be prolonged as with photoperiodic varieties;
  2. Four to six weeks of flowering time;
  3. The life cycle lasts an average of fifty to sixty-five days from the time the seeds are germinated;
  4. The height of the bush is about one meter. Indica varieties are stunted and can grow to only forty centimeters; Sativa genes pull the plant, so the height of these autoflowers is up to one hundred and twenty centimeters;
  5. The average yield per plant is up to one hundred grams of product;
  6. Harvesting in the outdoors comes in the first days of September;
  7. Autoflowers are more resilient, they have increased resistance to pests and mold. Easier to tolerate temperature fluctuations.

Are there any fast-flowering photoperiodic varieties

The transition from the phase of vegetation to flowering occurs in photoperiods after the reduction of daylight hours. Because of this, experienced growers intentionally delay the phase of development of the plant so that it can grow as much as possible and produce as many ovaries for the inflorescences as possible. This also explains the high productivity of photoperiodic varieties. Autoflowering plants benefit from early maturity, but "fast" photoperiodal strains do exist.

Characteristics of fast-flowering photoperiodic varieties

  1. Growing period from three weeks;
  2. Flowering lasts from five and a half to eight weeks;
  3. Height of the plants depends on the species: indica plants are about a meter tall, sativas are one and a half to two meters tall, some varieties in the outdoors grow over three meters tall;
  4. Outdoors, they are harvested in the middle or at the end of September or at the beginning of October.
  5. Five hundred grams of product can be harvested from a single shrub.

The photoperiod indica is more suitable for the middle zone and cold regions, especially if you take varieties with genes of classical afghans. Indicodominant hybrids are also suitable, sativa is better left for indoors or warm climates.

  • Characteristics of fast-flowering cannabis species

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