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What is an outdoors? -

Outdoor is a technique of growing cannabis outdoors, an ancient method of cultivation. Cannabis reveals its full potential in its natural environment. Originally cannabis grew and developed only outdoors, it was used for different purposes: oils, medical materials, production needs. Hectares of fields were sown with it.

Nature has given hemp a strong potential for survival and it does not depend on the region. It can grow regardless of weather conditions. In forest or open plain, in humid environments or dry areas. It is because of its adaptability that cannabis outdoors cultivation is popular with many growers. About 80% of all production cannabis is grown outdoors.

This type of growing is the easiest, because it doesn't require much effort. You don't have to worry about temperature control, or pot size. Hemp will show its full potential, as it will not be restricted to anything.

Of the pluses, the following points can be highlighted:

  • free lighting;
  • constant heat;
  • plenty of room for planting;
  • The taste and smell will be more "intense".

Cannabis varieties that are suitable for the outdoors

In order to get a good harvest, you need to prepare good quality seeds that are suited to a particular climate first. Before you buy cannabis seeds, look into these factors:

For a region with frosts in September, autoflowering varieties will do (if you do it right, you can get two harvests);
For a region with rain and short summers, photoperiodic varieties are ideal.
When you plan to plant seeds in the ground, the temperature should not be lower than +15 ° C, usually this is the time of lilac flowering. This is the end of cold weather and the beginning of warmth. The end of the cultivation period is considered the time of autumn, when the temperature at night is not lower than +15 ° C.

Photoperiod varieties


Cannabis varieties are capable of growing up to 2/4 meters. The beginning of flowering begins a month before the autumnal equinox. The duration of the flowering phase will be 9/12 weeks, sometimes 8 weeks. This falls in November/December. Therefore, this variety can only be grown in the subtropics.

Hybrids and Indica.

These varieties bloom earlier than sativa and can be harvested in September/October. An important advantage is that the longer the growing season, the more fruits you can expect. These varieties can be planted in May.

Autoflowering varieties.

The discovery of the ruderalis variety made it possible to grow cannabis much faster, because the growth period will not be more than 80 days.

What's so special about growing outdoors

The first important factor affecting the growth of the plant is the climate, because it determines how a particular variety will feel. The duration of days and nights is an important factor for growing cannabis, you need to know when to plant the seeds to have a correct biological cycle.

To plant cannabis outdoors, you need to initially pick a place and fence it with a mesh from various animals. Preferably an area near a pond.

Clay soil.
Before planting in such soil, it is necessary a few months before planting to prepare the soil by mixing it with biohumus or other fertilizers, this will contribute to the aeration of the soil and is a good recharge.

This soil dries quickly and does not retain nutrients, so it must be soaked in various solutions, peat. This method will allow the soil to absorb the necessary vitamins and not lose them.

This is the most fertile soil. It heats up quickly, keeps heat in itself, and retains moisture. It can be extracted from a river or lake.

Any plant needs impregnation, nutrients for proper growth. Organic fertilizers containing phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen will work well for hemp.

When it's hot

When the temperature outside is high, you should take care of the plant so that it does not dry out. It takes about 30 liters of water for 1 bush for one day. To prevent water from escaping far from the soil, you can put stones in the bottom before planting the seeds, this will keep the moisture longer.

When it rains

If the terrain is rainy, it is worth taking care not to rot the plants. It is necessary to add to the soil perlite, gravel. Create special beds like hills, so that all the moisture escapes by.

This article is written for informational purposes only.

  • What is an outdoors? -