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How to determine the sex of cannabis

The correct sexing of plants is a very important process for every grower, regardless of their experience. If you are new to grooming, you need to learn as quickly as possible how to accurately determine the sex of a plant so that you don't lose your investment in cannabis seeds and equipment.

The maximum concentration of cannabinoids, especially THC and CBD, is observed in the unfertilized inflorescences of female plants, the sensimilla. So that they are not pollinated by male plants, you need to take care well in advance to leave only female bushes, otherwise there will be no harvest of cones. This is why it is so important to detect and remove male plants in time.

In order to find out for sure the sex of the plant you must wait until it has begun to bloom, at which time the first sexual characteristics will appear. You can accurately identify the sex of a cannabis plant at the 5th or 6th week of its life cycle. To do this, pay attention to where the side branches separate from the stem. Here small tubercles are formed. Using a magnifying glass, you need to examine them carefully. If the shape resembles a cardboard suit of spades on a small stalk, then it is definitely a male plant. The tubercles of female plants have no legs and are tightly attached to the stem. The main thing is not in a hurry, after the appearance of tubercles, you can safely wait another week for the sexual signs of plants to become more distinct.

When growing autoflowers, this is the only way to determine the sex of the cannabis plant. Those who prefer photoperiodic varieties can change the light regime for the plants to create the conditions for an earlier appearance of sexual signs. Plants can be switched to 12/12 a little earlier than the timing of the flowering phase. When small inflorescences appear, the sex is determined and only female plants are left. It is important to do this as early as possible. After that, put the plant under 24-hour lighting so that it can continue to grow actively.

If you don't want to put the plant under unnecessary stress, a 12/12 lighting regime can be arranged for just one small branch by making a cover that will not let light in. This way you will be able to spot the sexual characteristics much earlier and you will be able to spot the exact sex without any confusion.

  • How to determine the sex of cannabis