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The best cannabis varieties for growing indoors

Thanks to the ability to control the microclimate in the room, essentially any variety can be grown. The only difference is the cost: some strains require powerful light and ventilation, while others grow perfectly well even on a windowsill. Those who have limited space prefer low plants - up to 120 cm, but expect a good harvest. In the selection below we have taken into account the main desires of growers and suggest the best indoor varieties: Perfectly adapted to any conditions, compact, productive and trouble-free.

Big Skunk Auto.

An autoflowering indicodominant hybrid with a nice relaxing effect. Sprouts a typical herringbone to a maximum of 70 cm, needs large pots for a strongly developed root system. Otherwise does not give any problems. Forms compact, medium-dense inflorescences in about 50 days, up to 400g per square meter.

Blue Queen Auto

Another mainly indica variety which looks about 70 cm tall with bluish leaves and purple resinous flowers. It has a relaxing effect on the body, but you can expect a mild psychedelic effect thanks to the sativa genes. Ready to harvest in 60-65 days - about 60g per plant.

AK-47 Auto.

An indica variation of AK-47: very powerful, sedative, with large buds and ready to harvest 70 days after sprouting. A great option for the lazy indor: needs warmth and minimal watering, no hassle. Bushes about 60 cm, up to 40 g per one.

Boy Scout Cookies.

The result of crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Kuban Killer is a powerful, vigorous, super productive strein with a delightful taste of chocolate chip cookies and condensed milk. The effects are mixed: delivers a bright heady high, and a relaxing "buzz" in the body. Up to 120 cm in a box, up to 600 g per square meter.

AK Kush.

A variant of Kush genetics with higher adaptability and immunity to fungus. Grows up to one meter and forms crystalline buds of up to 550g per square meter. Smells of peppermint, eucalyptus and citrus, has a positive, relaxing effect and eventually lulls you into a restful sleep.

  • The best cannabis varieties for growing indoors