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A cafe with CBD products appeared in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong and many Asian countries, cannabis containing THC is banned. The exception to this is the Songwang district, where CBD Coffee Shop is already welcoming guests. In October, the coffee shop will be operating at full capacity and will offer a large assortment of products based on marijuana extracts.

KBD Coffee Shop Assortment.

Found's new coffee shop offers:

  • Oil;
  • Powders;
  • Pet food;
  • Coffee;
  • Beer and more.

The visitors of the coffee shop are both experienced cannabis users and ordinary people who have never heard of CBD and its benefits for the body. The employees of the establishment will be happy to recommend the product based on the customer's needs.

Fiacre Mullen, who co-owns grocery supply firm Altum International, commented on the opening of the café as follows:

"Many of our customers are looking for a cure for insomnia. Often visitors come with children who have epilepsy or cerebral palsy. Cannabinoid-based products help relieve symptoms with little or no harm to the body, unlike traditional medications."

In Hong Kong, CBD has gained popularity among people practicing yoga and other spiritual-physical exercises. According to Mullen, these products are a panacea for many of the problems of 2020:

"Mostly protests and the coronavirus pandemic. Many consumers have a morning cup of coffee before they leave the house. The drink is relaxing, energizing and stress-resistant for the day."

Natural plant-based medicines have long been popular in Hong Kong. But there is a bias in the city even toward cannabis, which does not contain psychoactive substances. So Fiacre Mullen fears that he won't be able to reach all segments of the population. He added the following:

"My ideal client is a 65-year-old woman from Hong Kong. My mission is accomplished when I tell the customer about the benefits of marijuana, she listens carefully, and after the word 'cannabis' she doesn't run away from the café.

  • A cafe with CBD products appeared in Hong Kong

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