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Pests and diseases of marijuana, how to deal with them

More often than not, disease or insects are declared as a result of systematic errors in the care of the plant. Outdoor cultivation also adds environmental factors that the grower cannot control. But even if the plant is really threatened by something, it is enough to notice it in time - in the early stages it is possible to deal with both diseases and pests without too many consequences for the crop.

The most popular cannabis diseases and treatment methods

  • Mold.

A distinction is made between gray and white. The first affects the above-ground part of the plant, the second is first announced at the roots, but gradually spreads up the stems and leaves. Mildew is formed in response to high humidity in combination with insufficient ventilation. It occurs in both indoors and outdoors. Spraying with Bordeaux liquid helps against gray mold - a gray scum on the plant - while spraying with copper-soap solution or fungicides helps against white mold. It's important to reduce the humidity as much as possible and provide fresh - not cold! - air. If the plant has softened and started to rot, it should be removed from the plantation.

  • Powdery mildew.

White powdery mildew with black speckles covers the plant. Happens in periods of sharp, prolonged, rainy cold weather, in the box - with high humidity (over 80%) in combination with low temperature (less than 15C). If powdery mildew appears, change the top layer of soil for fresh, reduce watering if possible and use fungicidal preparations.

Insect control

  • Aphids.

Colonies of small insects on the lower stems and leaves. You need to spray the plant with water and treat the affected parts with insecticidal soap.

  • Crickets and caterpillars.

Eat leaves, after caterpillars mucus is also left behind. If the number is small - catch by hand (crickets can also hide in burrows near bushes). If there are many insects, you can use bioinsecticides.

  • Spider mite.

Very small insects that live on the inner side of the leaf, there they also lay eggs, which are already more visible to the eye. Such leaves turn white, yellow, and then die off. If the early stage of infestation is missed, the mite can be "diagnosed" by the web. To get rid of the insect, wash the plants and box, boil the trays, increase airflow and set the temperature to 20C. If it does not help, you can use acaricides.

  • Cicadas and whiteflies.

Another fan of the inner side of the leaf: the former leave pale, quickly darkening, dots on it, and the latter - a white plaque that turns black. Cicadas are fought with the insecticide Spinosad or neem oil, and whiteflies with Fitoverm. You can also put glue traps against the latter.

It is easy enough to prevent the appearance of pests in the indoors: the box or greenhouse should be kept clean, do not use outdoor soil, control humidity and temperature, ensure a constant flow of fresh air. In the outdoors, even with all the preventive measures, it is much harder to protect yourself from insects, and here it is especially important to carefully inspect the plant to notice infestation as early as possible.

  • Pests and diseases of marijuana, how to deal with them