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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Feminized Marijuana Varieties

Feminized marijuana seeds save growers time, effort and a near-100% chance of producing a good harvest. To fully appreciate how much easier growing cannabis has become, you have to remember its division into female and male plants.  The latter is where the problem lies. The buds give a sensimilla, an unpollinated female cannabis plant, but you can only get it if it is not pollinated by a male at the flowering stage.

The main problem that has led breeders to create feminized seeds is that you can only tell the sex of a ripe marijuana plant at the beginning of the flowering stage. And this is where two fat disadvantages of regular seeds show up at once:

  • Grover doesn't know which seeds will yield male plants, and has to tend to all the bushes. And all for the sake of finding out during sex determination that half of his groves are male plants, which not only don't produce a crop, but can harm the remaining "girls" as well.
  • The grower may not notice the male in time and the pollen of the plant will fertilize the female bushes, negating all aging. Fertilized female plants do not produce a crop. The same risk is there when the male bush is removed from the plantation.

Femkes have solved both problems because their seeds are guaranteed to produce female bushes. With them, the grower can plan ahead for the care that will give the maximum yield and not have to fear the urgency of removing male bushes. In addition, feminized seeds have additional benefits that make their purchase worthwhile even for those willing to take the risk.

Buy feminized cannabis seeds in Ukraine

Feminized cannabis seeds are not without disadvantages, but they are minor. For example, their price is higher than the regular ones, but this difference is not as noticeable now as it was when they appeared on the market. In addition, the grower spends a lot more money to take care of the plant, which will eventually have to be cut down if it turns out to be a male plant. Another frequently mentioned disadvantage of femocs is that they can grow into hermaphrodites. But in reality, the likelihood of this happening is practically nil. It's enough to buy feminized cannabis seeds with stable genetics - from a well-known, time-tested seed bank - and follow basic grov conditions.

Feminized seeds are no longer the gimmick of the cannabis culture. There is a huge selection of them - every seed bank, even a small one, which is just starting its commercial way, has a line of femocs for every taste. Their large selection is also presented in Ukraine. If you have decided to buy the best quality marijuana seeds, you have come to the right site.

Why buy feminized seeds better

Feminized cannabis seeds produce female plants that will later produce a crop. There is very little chance that a hermaphrodite will emerge, but it depends on genetics and care. So, if you buy from a trusted seed bank and follow the rules of grovax, you will get a 100 percent chance of a female cannabis plant. Male plants do not produce a crop and can spoil, pollinating, productive "girls". Such a thing can only be stopped by careful observation of the bushes at the moment of transition from vegetation to flowering. But not all growers are willing to spend time on this and then still remove from the plantation bushes, for the growth and development of which have allocated a lot of resources.

Buying feminized seeds is recommended:

  • Beginners who are still poorly versed in the nuances of grov;
  • Growers who want to save their resources - time, effort and money wasted on taking care of a bush that will eventually have to be cut.
  • In addition, feminized hemp has additional benefits.

Advantages of feminized seeds

  • The quality of the product is higher than from regular seeds and clones. This is one of the main reasons to buy feminized marijuana seeds in Ukraine. The buds have a more concentrated flavor and increased impact, and the plants are more productive.
  • Increased immunity, which makes it easier to grow feminized cannabis.
  • Feminized crops produce a uniform harvest. That is, the volume, properties and potency of all plants will be about the same. This homogeneity is particularly valued in commercial grows.

Although the price of feminized seeds does not compare to that of conventional seeds, it is still worth the price. Knowledgeable growers may note that femkes are more finicky and will not produce multiple clones, but these disadvantages more than compensate for their advantages. In addition, in the existing variety of varieties there are those that do not require special care and manicuring. In addition, the grower gets an opportunity to concentrate his energies on plants that are guaranteed to yield, and nothing inspires to develop his skill like a successful grower.