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Cannabis Seeds Low Growth

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Which cannabis seeds have low growth plants

Low-growth cannabis seeds are usually photoperiod indica or indicodominant autoflowers. The size of indica marijuana has been affected by the variable climate of the places where it grew before human cultivation began. Frequent drought and temperature fluctuations made it compact, bushy and with fleshy leaves in which to store water well. Subsequently, humans began to use these properties in home cultivation. Indica rarely grows more than 120 centimeters, and with the development of breeding, hybrids around 80 centimeters tall are created. Sativas, on the other hand, stretch to two or more meters. Compact sativa hybrids do exist, but they are usually autoflowers. Autoflowering varieties are shorter than photoperiods, and it is easier to find plants up to 70 centimeters among them.

Why autoflowers are low and why is it good

The main property of autoflowering plants is that the beginning of flowering does not depend on the length of the daylight hours. The creation of this is made possible by ruderalis. It is a wild hemp, which, like any weed plant, has a high vitality and a small growth - about 70 centimeters. All of its properties ruderalis passes on to autoflowers during breeding. Therefore, in addition to the ability to bloom a few weeks after the growing season without reference to the daylight hours, the advantages of these seeds:

  • low growth. Autoflowers rarely grow taller than 80-90 centimeters. Many cidbanks offer options that are 30-40 centimeters high;

  • vitality and unpretentiousness. Ruderalis survives in the wild with little watering and low humidity, temperature fluctuations, and surrounded by pests. Breeders have taken advantage of the outstanding tolerance of this cannabis, creating plants that grow even with poor care and are not afraid of mildew and fungus.
  • The downside of low plants can be their low productivity and low percentage of THC. Ruderalis itself has virtually none, so in autoflowering hybrids it is medium to low. But the breeding process is evolving, with breeders not without success looking for ways to combine small bush size with high yields. Now the average yield per square meter of autoflowering or compact photoperiod plants is about 400g.

As a reminder, it is legal to buy low-growth marijuana seeds, but germinating them is prohibited by Ukrainian law.