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Spanish cannabis seeds

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The sale of cannabis from Spain begins with the testing of the product by locals. Spain is one of those countries where cannabis use is not condemned, moreover, its popularity has been growing steadily in recent years among a variety of age groups. Spaniards can get the product in "hobby clubs" or on the black market, but most of them still prefer to grow it themselves. And that encourages healthy competition among Spanish cidbanks. Thousands of lovers of marijuana with absolutely different tastes and options grovings are looking for options to their hearts and pockets: cull low-quality products, and quality allow to reach a national level, and then international. It is such a screened cannabis seeds from Spain are presented in our store. 

Spanish cannabis seeds by the piece

Usually the store does not allow you to order less than 3 seeds, but you can buy Spanish cannabis seeds by the piece. Now you can take a few seeds to the main order for a test or select a little bit of absolutely different varieties to find the best one for yourself in the end. All seeds have been tested for germination, but note - these are regular seeds, so there is about a 50% chance of getting female plants.

Medical uses

The useful properties of this plant continue to be studied, but it can already be stated that Spanish hemp seeds can markedly improve the condition of a whole host of diseases. The therapeutic benefits of marijuana were recognized by the World Health Organization back in 2016, and in 2019 already officially recommended to remove cannabis from the list of hard drugs. The WHO, as well as a number of studies, note the effectiveness of cannabis components in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease. Marijuana also helps with severe chronic (especially neuropathic) pain, headaches (even migraines), and improves psycho-emotional well-being with depression and anxiety disorders. Cannabinoid oil, which is obtained from the leaves and inflorescences of marijuana, is prescribed to cancer patients. It contains no psychoactive substances, but it reduces nausea - one of the main side effects of chemotherapy - stimulates appetite and helps sleep.

Advantages and characteristics of varieties 

You can buy Spanish marijuana seeds with both predominantly indica and sativa genetics. Also in the range are balanced hybrids that take root best in the outdoors in temperate climates. Otherwise, plant viability depends on the "parents" and the skill of the breeders, but considered:

  • Sativa-dominant hybrids do best in warm, Mediterranean climates. They do not like temperature changes, prefer strong or moderate humidity, bright light. The effect of such varieties is energetic, they stimulate imagination and sociability, help in creative work and routine matters.

  • Indicodominant cannabis seeds from Spain, especially those with Afghan genetics, tolerate lower temperatures better and do not need frequent watering. The effect of such strains is relaxing and bodily, suitable for rest and recovery after a busy day.

Buy Spanish Hemp Seeds

If you are looking for inexpensive, easy to grow, but interesting varieties - pay attention to Spanish hemp seeds. "Many of them originate from the top Cannabis strains and have been awarded prestigious genetic prizes, including the famous Cannabis Cup. All that remains is to taste the options and find the best one for yourself, and with the sale of seeds by the piece it is much easier.