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Auto Feminized Seeds

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Auto feminized cannabis seeds

Not long ago, cannabis seeds were not categorized. But cannabis culture is improving, with breeders looking to improve and simultaneously facilitate grovelling - so first feminized cannabis and then autoflowering appeared.

The former produces only female cannabis plants that produce a harvest - recall that male cannabis bushes are only suitable for pollination and pollinated female cannabis plants do not produce cones. Autoflowering cannabis has eliminated the need for growers to move the plant from the vegetative stage to flowering. The plant develops and starts blooming on its own, that is, forming inflorescences that will eventually become the grower's crop.

Looking at the name of the category, you might ask a logical question: autoflowering feminized varieties what are they? These are those plants that grow female and do not require conversion from vegetation to flowering - everything is automatic. The advent of these types of cannabis individually has taken some of the worry out of growers, and combining them together has turned growing marijuana into a process that even an untrained novice can handle.

A big plus of these varieties is that guaranteed female plants and automatic transition to the flowering phase are not their only advantages. More about them and why you should buy autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds in Ukraine is described below.

The best autoflowering marijuana varieties

Presented in this store. And these are the best autoflowering varieties not because they are in the international ratings. Any top, no matter how huge, still severely limits the choice. Also, any ranking cannot be completely objective. In this store we have gathered the brightest representatives of domestic and foreign breeding. We have made sure that you can buy autoflowers with stable genetics and excellent initial data. Everything else is your choice.

The most popular strain ratings are foreign. And they feature cannabis from foreign cidbanks. But domestic breeding cannot be considered weaker just because it is not so well known in the world. Especially since at the rate of development it is showing, this will change very soon. In the store you will find excellent autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds, which will allow you to make your own rating of the best autics. To buy cannabis seeds just call us and in a day or two seeds will be with you.

Buy autofeminized cannabis varieties

Autoflowering cannabis seeds were derived from the use of ruderalis in breeding. It's a wild-growing cannabis plant - unsightly, small, and with minimal THC levels. But it has two important qualities that breeders have successfully grafted onto indica and sativa: auto-flowering and high viability.

Autoflowering feminized seeds with stabilized genetics are not only guaranteed to produce female plants and require no transfer to another light cycle, but they also have increased immunity, pest and temperature tolerance. The small growth of ruderalis has also affected its hybrids. It has turned the already compact indica into the perfect "guerrilla" plant, and the tall sativa has made it suitable for trouble-free indoras.

Autoflowering feminized seeds are recommended primarily for beginners. Its characteristics are ideal for novice growers who most need the most unpretentious bush for their first successful grow. It is also loved by those who prefer indor to outdoor growing and basically anyone who wants to get a good harvest with a minimum of care. And that's not all the benefits that autoflowering feminized seeds have.

Advantages of auto femokas

  • Ripens and blooms quickly, which saves considerable time. You can also use this property to hold several grows per season. While photoperiod marijuana grows all spring and summer and only produces a harvest in the fall, autoflowers allow you to harvest up to three harvests in the same time. That is, if the plant is planted in the spring, the first results can be obtained in the summer.
  • Unpretentiousness in care, which greatly simplifies cultivation. This is especially appreciated by beginners growers and those who do not have time and energy to fulfill all the whims of the plant. Autoflowers are by default more hardy than their photoperiodic counterparts, so they more easily tolerate the variable climate of the middle latitudes.
  • The small size makes the plant handy for growing in small boxes and in flowerbeds where it doesn't need to attract extra attention. Even the taller sativa becomes more compact and suitable for indore grow in the presence of the ruderalis gene.

Feminized genetics also makes autoflowers even more viable, positively affects the quality of the crop - its taste and effect, and allows for a uniform harvest. All those disadvantages you might learn about when searching for information about autoflowers are now, with the development of breeding prowess, not so pronounced.

Not much productivity and low THC levels are no longer an issue. It is true that there are still varieties that lose significantly to photoperiod plants in both parameters, but breeders are trying to solve this problem and they are succeeding!

The only thing that is still relevant to autoflowers is that you can't get clones out of them. Everything else varies depending on the variety and growing conditions. Like the set price of autoflowering marijuana seeds in Ukraine. You can buy them at a very low cost, but usually the varieties from the top seed banks are not cheap, but you get a guarantee of quality. Popular producers are careful about their reputation and their quality is usually worth the price.