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Buy autoflowering regular seeds

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Autoflower seeds have become a godsend for fans of lazy, balcony, partisan grovelling, as well as owners of small boxes and tents. They are great for beginners without experience: those who decide to buy autoflower seeds have nothing to worry about their skills and capabilities. These strains have wild hemp in their genetics, which is what provides the autoflowering properties (the plant does not need to be moved to bloom, it blooms by its own clock), and also noticeably increases plant vigor. And note - in front of you are autoflowering regular cannabis seeds, which means there is about a 50% chance of getting a "girl" that will later produce a crop. This means that it is important not to miss the pre-flowering stage: when the bushes show signs of its sex, you need to identify "boys" and remove them from the plantation.

Advantages of cannabis auto-seeds

Compact bush size: usually autoflowers do not grow taller than 100-120 cm, even if they are sativa-dominant varieties. The average height of the strains you see in a store varies around 70cm.

Short vegetation and fast flowering. It is worth buying autoflower seeds for a quick harvest. Photoperiodic ones take from 4 weeks to vegetate and take another 8-10 to flower, whereas autoflowering ones have an average of 70 days to complete their entire life cycle. This also allows for 2-3 harvests in one year.

Increased vitality and unpretentiousness in care. Strain autoflowers owe this to the genes of wild hemp, which is used to survive in a variety of climatic conditions, so it is much less fastidious than the classic photoperiod sativa.

Another advantage and reason to buy autoflowering regular marijuana seeds is the low price. Photoperiods, much less feminized strains, will cost noticeably more, but not because autoflowering regulars are a bad choice. The only noticeable nuance is the need to keep a close eye on the plant during the growing season so as not to miss the male plants (or hermaphrodites) from view. Otherwise, the grower can still count on big yields and powerful inflorescence effects - strains with up to 24% THC content are available.

Growing Features

The autoflowering seeds in this catalog can produce not only the female plants a grower needs, but also the useless male ones. "Boys" are easy to spot by the globular preflowers on the stems, which are attached in bunches (5 or more) between the nodes. The male sexes appear earlier than the female ones, so the grousers have a head start. But if you look at the stage of their formation, at the stage of maturation, the male preflowers are elongated and acquire a banana-like shape.

In comparison, the female grosbeaks in cannabis are pear-shaped, with thin hairs - look for them also between the nodes higher toward the top. As soon as a grower finds male bushes or hermaphrodites (plants with male and female characteristics), they must be removed from the "girls". Otherwise, pollination cannot be avoided, and the grower will get another seed instead of fragrant inflorescences.

Growth, flowering and cultivation

Marijuana autoflowering seeds develop and bloom much faster: vegetation takes 2-3 weeks, and the entire cycle usually takes 10-12 weeks. These properties of the plant are preserved in both indora and outdora, although in the first case the process can be accelerated even more or pull a larger yield from the strain. When growing indoors, it is advisable to give the bushes at least 18, or better 20 hours of light. If growing outdoors, it is better to plant in May, so that already in July-September you can harvest.

Some very compact varieties will be sufficient for a pot of 4-8 liters, but usually you need a larger container - 10-14 liters. Seeds of marijuana autoflowering is better to plant immediately in the main pot, so that then do not add stress to the plant during transplants. The amount of watering and fertilizing is regulated by the peculiarities of the variety, but the latter is clearly less necessary than when growing photoperiodic bushes. Often it is enough to take a good soil at once. Useful components in it will be enough for a couple of weeks at least, and then you can gently give feeding, better even on an organic basis. Buy cannabis seeds on our website legally and anonymously.

Buy autoflowering hemp seeds

Small neat bushes of autoflowering, which pass the life cycle in about 1.5-2 times faster than photoperiods, are a great option for beginners and anyone who doesn't have much time for grovelling. The price of autoflowering cannabis seeds is also a big plus: They have a lower price than all the other hemp varieties. The selection is huge: From almost pure indica and sativa to well-balanced hybrids with a great combo effect. The seeds are available by the piece, so you can take your pick of a few strains and experience which one suits you best.