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What to feed marijuana in indoors and outdoors?

Marijuana fertilizer helps to increase the crop's yield and produce rich buds. When choosing a fertilizer, you need to consider the type of soil and growing conditions. Fertilizer treatment is especially necessary when cultivating on difficult soils - clay and sandy. This is due to the fact that hemp feels best in loose soil with organic impurities and high water permeability.

Fertilizer for outdoors and indoors
Outdoors, you need to use organic fertilizer, manure, ash and other supplements. Outdoors, the crop is less likely to need additives than indoors. In fact, outdoors growing is usually not difficult, especially in southern regions.

In indora, you can not use fertilizers from the street, because harmful microorganisms can get into the substrate together with them. The following fertilizers will be suitable for indoors:

  • Superphosphates with organic impurities;
  • Superphosphates in the form of granules;
  • Potassium fertilizers;
  • Phosphorus fertilizers.

At home, fertilizers need to be added regularly in different combinations for the growing and flowering phases. Cannabis fertilizer is sold legally in specialty stores. Natural fertilizers are best for indoors.

Here is a list of the most effective mineral fertilizers:

Flora Series - a three-component fertilizer that saturates the substrate with plenty of nutrients at all stages of development. Has an optimal ratio of dosage and amount of fertilizer;
FloraNova - last generation fertilizer with increased concentration. Two bottles are enough to get a good yield. One is used for growth, the second is applied in flowering and fruiting phases;
Flora Duo is a two-component mineral fertilizer used for fast-growing varieties. The presence of bio-additives and stimulants allows you to achieve a good yield and richness of fruits. FloraCoco is for cannabis grown on coconut substrate;
Etisso is a liquid fertilizer for home cultivation. It is used as a growth and development stimulant for cannabis. It is based on phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium;

  • What to feed marijuana in indoors and outdoors?

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