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The effects of high THC marijuana

Cannabis with psychoactive components can create a transformed reality, a surreal worldview. In ancient times cannabis was used for religious and medicinal purposes.

At one time Herodotus touched on the subject of the influence of cannabis and wrote about the rituals the Scythians performed for purification. They threw cannabis on hot rocks and absorbed the steam that formed.

In Japan, cannabis treated family problems in bed and banished evil spirits.

People in Hinduism associated cannabis with the god Shiva, they were convinced that the plant was sent down for pleasure.

THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is the element that is the psychoactive component of cannabis. It is energizing, stimulating, and saturates the world with sounds and colors.

While using cannabis, there are both positives and negatives. Everything is explained by the proportions of relaxation and stimulation, it depends on the kind that is used.

In medicine, marijuana with a component of THC is actively used to treat patients for depression, various disorders.

THC prevents the accumulation of beta-amyloid, it subsequently leads to Alzheimer's disease. Suppresses neurodegenerative diseases that lead to Parkinson's, Huntington's disease.

Hemp, if used in moderation, will allow you to relax, improve sleep, help you recover from various stresses, reduces anxiety.

Varieties of cannabis with psychoactive components

Never confuse cultivated and technical cannabis, because they are completely different plants. Hemp is a weed that contains nothing harmful in itself, it used to be bred a lot in agriculture. Apart from it, there is also cultivated or seed hemp. It includes a component of THC, which contains a psychotropic in it and is used as a medicine.

Varieties with psychoactive components are distinguished:

  • indica ( induces relaxation, depression, leads to a stone effect);
  • Sativa (wakes up the brain, causes euphoria, leads to a brisk mind, generates a hi-effect);
  • ruderalis (sleepy cannabis, used to cross other species).

Hemp is grown for the purpose of obtaining a large number of buds, because that is where THC is found. The stem and leaves are used in cosmetics, to make various oils, food additives.

A Top 5 Seeds with High THC Content

There are many varieties of cannabis seeds with a high THC content, we will highlight the 5 main ones:

Early kush.
Attractive plant, has light colored leaves, yields a good harvest. Depending on how you grow it, and under what conditions, you can expect THC levels anywhere from 24% to 34%.

A powerful plant that gives relaxation to the muscles, it has a light lemon flavor.

Fast Critical Mass.
This is an indica that has a relaxing, joy-filling effect. It takes the pain and bad thoughts away. The THC content is 25%.

A compact plant that is resistant to various irritants. Has a pleasant citrus aroma.

Ananas Funk.
Shrubs are small and easy to grow in any environment.

A hybrid obtained by crossing, indica-dominant. Resistant to various pests, fast flowering.

The taste of pineapple with a slight recoil of vanilla and mint. Relaxing, energizing, would be ideal for use after work, as a relaxant. THC level - 25%.

Boy Scout Cookies.
Unpretentious, easy to grow. Fills the euphoria, the body is in relaxation. With a higher THC level of 25%.

Filled with a pleasant aroma of cookies with condensed milk. Like those who can not do without sweets.

Power Smoke Auto.
A plant that fructifies well in the indora. Helps you relax, after the feeling of euphoria fills you with peace. The increased THC level, which reaches 24%, will allow you to fully feel the effects on your muscles, with a relaxing effect.

It will help you cope with sleep problems, calming you down. The aroma is pleasant with a scent of wood.

This article is written for informational purposes and does not contain propaganda.

  • The effects of high THC marijuana

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