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What is CBD or cannabidiol?

History of CBD

CBD or cannabidiol: understand everything

Cannabis sativa L, called Cannabis Light, and Cannabis with psychoactive effects should not be confused, because with high doses of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that come from the same plant, these two plant varieties produce cannabidiol THC and CBD.

CBD is distinguished by its ability to affect health and the body due to phytocannabinoids (about 500 cannabinoids have been found), which are currently widely used in medical settings.

What is a phytocannabinoid?
These are molecules consisting of 21 carbon atoms that do not exist in nature, only Cannabis Sativa L produces about 500 cannabinoids among their acidic and neutral forms.

CBD is the best known and most interesting molecule in cannabis in all its forms because consumers find their interests in it to soothe muscle and joint pain, inflammation, anxiety and adapt to many symptoms and diseases. This CBD hemp is called Wellness Hemp for its calming and relaxing effects provide a previously unknown relaxation.

What is CBD?
CBD is a molecule of the cannabinoid family, unlike THC, CBD is an active substance that is extracted from the hemp plant, there are more than 500 cannabinoids that can be extracted from the plant and of course it is in these cannabinoids that we find THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). In hemp, THC levels are limited from 0.1% THC to 1% THC and from 3% cbd to 25% cannabinoid concentration.

Keep in mind that those who consume THC are looking for euphoria, we would even say Stone, and are generally looking for cannabis seeds with high levels of THC. At the same time, wellness cannabis is attracting more and more consumers with CBD flower varieties or cannabinoid-rich CBD oil, know that CBD is very effective.

What is cbd for?
CBD acts directly on your body and plays a catalytic role because it provides the best natural response to your pain, your anxieties, stress and acts directly on your nervous system to reduce exposure and send signals to your brain.

The CBD molecule is super effective and prolongs your natural defenses because your body has endocannabinoids, CB1 and CB2 receptors present in your nervous system and therefore acting on your immune system. 2 receptors allow you to fix two molecules and enhance the medical effects.

THC vs CBD: Differences
The hemp plant and the cannabis plant contain more than 500 cannabinoids, know that recently we have only talked about 70 cannabinoids, the well-being of cannabis is in constant development, researchers are moving forward day by day, but cbd is the molecule that matters, and is essential on all markets around the world, because unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol), the psychoactive component of cannabis, known as recreational, acts directly on the nervous system and can affect brain functions, and this is also cannabis. Today this plant, widely used in medicine, with breathtaking results in many diseases, has been used in medicine for over 30 years due to its virtues.

Unlike THC, cbd is not intoxicating, on the contrary, it does not bring out the psychoactive side, so from a medical point of view, doctors and researchers have turned to non-psychoactive cbd and easily cause feelings of relief from your pain and anxiety.

When 2 molecules, i.e. THC and CBD, are combined, the effects can be seen to multiply and combining 2 causes calming and relief of pain, anxiety, spasms, tremors, muscle and joint pain, fibromyalgia, etc.

How does CBD work?
CBD acts directly on your body and plays a catalytic role because it provides the best natural response to your pain, your anxieties or even anxiety and stress. It acts directly on your nervous system, reducing exposure and sending signals to your brain and body to relax and go about their business.

The CBD molecule is very effective, it expands your natural defenses because your body has endocannabinoids, CB1 and CB2 receptors present in your nervous system that act on your immune system.

All Known Benefits of CBD
A large number of positive effects have been identified and known for more than 15 years after numerous studies conducted in Israel, USA, Canada, in a large number of universities, proving that cbd is superior to all other cannabinoids.

Epilepsy, Joint and muscle pain or phantom pain, Nausea and vomiting, Anxiety attacks, Inflammation, Skin wounds, Fibromyalgia, Alcoholism, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Cancer, HIV, Rheumatism…

A large number of diseases or symptoms can be alleviated with cbd, ideal for neuropathy, undetectable or phantom symptoms. Cannabidiol can work wonders, we won't talk about magic, but it can greatly improve the quality of life of people on treatment who would benefit from light cannabis or various forms of CBD-rich foods.

Research is multiplying all over the world, but remains the last. Now we understand that this is a revolutionary treatment, like the discovery of antibiotics at that time. There are studies that can attack cancer cells or ease difficult periods due to HIV.

Is CBD Legal or Illegal?

100% legal in most European countries because the banned substance is THC with its psychoactive effects. You can buy and consume CBD without being outlawed. The decree legalizes but prohibits smoking. This decree was published on December 31, 2021 and now allows the production and sale in France of Cannabis Sativa L (Les Echos - published on December 31, 2021), Cannabis Light or Hemp Wellness leaves and flowers are prohibited.

After a long struggle and huge legal uncertainty around cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychotropic cannabis molecule, which has many sedative and relaxing properties, is legal in France and in many European countries. The official journal authorizes the cultivation, import, export, processing and commercial as well as industrial use of certain varieties of Cannabis Sativa L listed in the European catalog not exceeding the threshold of 0.3% THC, but without the restrictions of CBD, CBG, CBN and others among all cannabinoids contained in the plant.

The UN has recognized that CBD is safe for humans and their consumption. Cosmetic products, so-called food products (Novel food) and liquids for electronic cigarettes are 100% legal with confidence.


As for light cannabis flowers, hemp flowers, since this decree is usually banned after a government decree that had a devastating effect on CBD dealers or tobacco shops in France. However, on January 24, 2022, the situation changed as the State Council suspended the ban on the sale of light flowers or cannabis buds, so the leaves and flowers are again 100% legal in France, provided that the THC level does not exceed the threshold of 0.3%, risking collision with the criminal policy operating within the framework of the fight against drugs.

How to Consume CBD?
There are several ways to consume, but the most effective way to consume is still natural because cannabidiol is a dietary supplement.

What CBD products to consume?
CBD oils or sublingual CBD oils placed under the tongue or dripped directly into a cold or hot drink of your choice.

In the form of crystals or in the form of capsules for oral administration.

In the form of CBD products, including chocolate, cookies, edible hemp oil to prepare your favorite meals, there are also sweets, gum, honey, syrup, drinks, beer, and many other derivatives.

In the form of e-liquids or pre-filled WAX cartridges.

A large number of aesthetic and cosmetic products with CBD for body care, facial skin care for the treatment of joint or muscle pain, phantom pain or various disorders, massage oils, warming and cooling balms.

In the form of resins, hashish, pollen, which is one of the best-selling in France.

In the form of flowers, weed, hemp flower, light hemp flower, it is the most consumed CBD product in France and Europe in the form of herbal tea or for smoking. Warning, smoking kills! It is also possible to vaporize CBD flowers using a home vaporizer, of course these products are the most effective on the market.

The turnover achieved by CBD stores (about 2000) in France and about (10,000) tobacco shops is estimated between 400 and 700 million euros for 2021 and is estimated at about 2 billion euros for 2024. % of current sales.

Does CBD Work Like a Medicine?
No, cannabidiol is not a drug, it is considered a dietary supplement and does not qualify as a drug.

CBD massage
You can find massage oils mixed with argan oils and others to give you the best relaxation and feel as relaxed as possible, also ideal for massage parlors, it's time to upgrade in spas or wellness areas to fill you with innovative products with numerous and effective benefits.

CBD for Sex: Does CBD Improve Sex?
The use of CBD usually leads to a positive result and can solve various sexual problems, because when we enter into intimate moments with a person, there may be moments of stress, anxiety or certain pains, CBD can thus help you relax and calm your nerves and ideally suitable to give a boost to your sex life.

CBD can increase desire and work as a natural aphrodisiac, you can use gummies, cbd poppers, cbd lubricants and more.

CBD will improve blood flow to your genitals and help repair damage, and when combined with THC, it can boost your libido. Various CB1 and CB2 receptors have the ability to increase libido and increase the chances of achieving a sexual orgasm. CBD products increase daily pleasure and improve your intimacy.

Facilitating female periods with CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol), known by the Latin name Cannabis Sativa, a variety of hemp, offers several cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBG, THC and is used for its many virtues and restores the balance of the human body and relieves pain, such as painful menstruation, helps endometriosis , migraine, various muscle pains, stress, anxiety with antiseptic, anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD for Athletes and Athletes

CBD is one of the substances used in most sports, but you have to be careful with doping substances in some sports. In sports, it is recommended to use full spectrum CBD or an isolate to avoid all traces of THC in the products you consume..

CBD for animals
In 2012, studies proved an anxiolytic effect on dogs and cats. Cannabis CBD oils are often used to combat canine epilepsy, most nutritional supplements are injected directly into the mouth of the animal, keep in mind that you can also buy a large amount of CBD (cannabidiol) products for your beloved animals, such as pet shampoos, canned foods, enriched cannabinoids, as well as a large number of treats.

Семена конопли CBD

CBD hemp seeds, that is, hemp seeds from the European catalog of about 54 varieties available on the market, to produce hemp flowers, you need dioecious seeds, that is, male seeds and female, then make your choice, there are more powerful CBD varieties in other countries, such as Charlotte Web, an American strain that yields 15 to 18% CBD.

  • What is CBD or cannabidiol?