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How to germinate cannabis seeds correctly

How to germinate cannabis seeds correctly

For cannabis seeds to turn into a good harvest, there are three things to follow:

  • Don't use running water, it will only hurt you. Buy filtered water.
  • Keep the air in the room where you want your hemp seeds to grow must be very humid.
  • The temperature must be 20/30°C.

To start growing you have to choose a place where you want to keep and germinate, because it is very demanding.

When choosing a place you have to take into account that hemp likes light, air, space. Taking into account what size the bushes will be, you need to prepare in advance the space for them, because about the transplanting can not go, because the hemp is a fragile plant and any extra movement will only harm it.

How to sprout marijuana seeds in the soil

The advantage of this method is the possibility to sprout at home, thereby controlling the process, the temperature, humidity.

You need to choose the right soil with a composition of peat or coconut, its acidity must not exceed 7.5 рН.

Place the marijuana seeds in special soil, not deeper than 5 cm, so that moisture quickly gets to them.

Keep the soil moist by sprinkling it constantly, but don't make it wet.

After a few days they will sprout, they need to be placed in a warm place.

How to sprout cannabis seeds in a napkin

You need to place them on a napkin, towel, gauze, sponge, cotton pad. It doesn't matter where you choose, the main thing is that the place where you are going to put them should be wet.


Put the cannabis seeds between the cloths, this will give them enough moisture. Put them in a warm place, they will start to germinate.

You should constantly check the seeds to make sure they have not dried out. When the root appears, you have to move them to a different environment.

The cannabis roots are brittle, so be careful when you move them.

How to germinate cannabis seeds in water 

This method is popular if you have seeds that have been lying around for a long time and have hardened. Water will give them back their elasticity and help them germinate.

Place the seeds in a container of purified water, this will allow them to absorb the right amount of water. Don't keep them in water for more than 2 days, they will rot. After the seeds have absorbed the right amount of water, you need to move them into the soil.

Germination in special equipment

There is a special equipment for germination, which guarantees the success of the germination of seeds.

The sprouting equipment consists of a screen, with mineral wool placed in it. The wadding with holes for the seeds is covered with another wadding to keep the air out.

When you soak the cannabis seeds, the absorbent cotton absorbs everything first, then gives the right amount to the seeds. When the process is set up, you need to cover this construction to keep it warm.

In fact, you turn the device into what is called a mini greenhouse.

When the seeds germinate, they need to be moved to a warm place, for further growth, where they will fit in size.

  • How to germinate cannabis seeds correctly

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