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How to choose cannabis seeds

It is reasonable to take different varieties for home (greenhouse) and street. Yes, there is an option to buy a "universal soldier" that adapts well to both outdoor and indoor soil. But you can show a little diligence and choose those cannabis seeds that will give the best result in the given conditions.


Sativa, indica or ruderalis - there are few pure varieties in the cidbanks' range, and they have given way to hybrids that combine the genes of the three types of cannabis listed above. Sativa is a heat- and moisture-loving, tall (2 meters and up) plant with a stimulating, energizing effect. Indica is bushy, tolerant of temperate weather, and "couchy" relaxed. Hybrids mix these traits in different proportions, but a balanced phenotype - about the same ratio of indica and sativa - is considered ideal for the street. If choosing among indica-dominant or sativa-dominant strains, however, you can use the cheat sheet below.

When to buy sativa seeds

  • Grow in a greenhouse, Mediterranean or temperate climate when harvested before mid-October;
  • Needs a vivid psychoactive effect that stimulates, uplifts and "gets you on your feet."
  • Grover expects an above-average harvest from the outdoors.

Sativa strains tolerate high humidity and temperature well. Generally unafraid of mold and mildew.

When to choose indica seeds.

  • Grooving in small boxes or outdoors in northern latitudes, regions with cool, dry climates and short summers;
  • Needs a positive relaxing effect;
  • Planned medical use: indica strains are more often prescribed for the therapy of various diseases.

Indica tolerates well spikes and a long drop in temperature, not afraid of frosts, but does not like high humidity and heat.

Autoflowers - the choice of beginners

Ruderalis is a weed hemp, but only it knows how to bloom without waiting for changes in the length of the daylight hours. Its genes are used to create autoflowering strains and, in addition to autoflowering, they are also more resilient and compact. Autoflowers are most often advised to beginners as their first plant - they are almost impossible to kill with improper care. Experienced growers choose them because of their ability to harvest up to 3 harvests a year - the full life cycle of autoflowering strains usually takes 8-10 weeks.

  • How to choose cannabis seeds

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