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What should be the soil for marijuana?

Soil is the nutrient medium for every plant, including cannabis. The quality of the substrate has a lot to do with the quantity and quality of the crop. With the right soil, you will be able to grow a healthy, large bush with big buds.

Hemp soil: Types and properties
The best conditions for marijuana growth are created by these types of substrate:

Perlite, limestone;
Lowland or top peat;
Soil high in fertilizers: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus.
For marijuana, you can choose less enriched substrates. They will provide a stable development during the growing season and will reduce the need of the culture for fertilizers by the flowering phase. This will have a good effect on the quantity of the crop. Choosing the right soil is only half the success. Proper preparation is just as important.

How to prepare soil for marijuana plants?

Marijuana soil, like soil for other crops, is sold in flower stores and is not illegal. If you didn't buy pure substrate, but simply picked up soil from the outdoors, be sure to disinfect it. Check the soil for basic requirements before planting. The pH level is usually indicated on the package.

To achieve a good harvest, use fertile and balanced soil. In addition to organic matter, it should contain macro- and micronutrients. These components stimulate the development of the crop. Other requirements for the substrate:

Light and loose soil with good water permeability;
Soil that does not interfere with the flow of moisture;
Presence of microflora beneficial to the culture - optional, but desirable component.
The soil should be free of toxic substances, insects and their larvae, as well as elements prone to active reproduction. It is not desirable to add clay to the substrate, as it weighs the soil down and harms it.

During cultivation, control the pH level of the soil. For the growing season, the optimal values are 5.5-6.0, and in the flowering phase - no more than 7.0. Additionally, check the soil with litmus paper.

  • What should be the soil for marijuana?