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Features and preparation for growing at home

Features and preparation for growing at home.

Hemp can be grown at home, for this you need to have a basic knowledge of planting, care, so that the plant can reach its full potential.

Choosing the soil

The best soil will be the one that contains humus and perlite. It can be bought at any flower store.

The recipe for the substrate is simple, for 10 liters take: 3 liters of perlite, 3 liters of coconut fiber, 4 liters of peat or soil containing it. Everything is mixed with water, the finished soil should have fluffiness for the flow of oxygen to the root system.


The best in their case lamps DNAT (they consume a lot of energy, actually and money), then LED lamps (economical and durable), it is still possible to buy ESL lamps. Unfortunately, conventional lamps will not do at all.

The temperature

The temperature of +25/+27°C is good. If the temperature is higher, the plant will simply struggle to survive.


Marijuana has a strong odor, to eliminate it you need to get filters. Fresheners, unfortunately, will not help. If this is difficult for you, purchase varieties that will be less fragrant.

House varieties

First you need to decide on the size for you acceptable. If you can't fit a meter and a half plant in your room, then get a smaller one.

Tips from

  • You can improve the yield of your cannabis plant if you water it the last time 10/12 days before you water it;
  • Decrease the humidity in the last 2 weeks;
  • turn off the light three days in advance, so more crystals will be produced;
  • a couple of fans by the plant will only increase the yield;
  • 2 weeks before harvest, stop fertilizing; will only increase the aromatic properties.
  • Features and preparation for growing at home