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Features and preparation for growing in water

Hydroponics is a very convenient option for growing cannabis. You have to use a water-based solution for this.

Water with a special solution, contains as many micronutrients as the soil.


  • accelerating the growth of plants;
  • you do not have to worry about moisture;
  • rapid transplanting;
  • high yield;
  • safety;
  • cleanliness;
  • economy.

The plant, being in the water, gets all the necessary micronutrients faster, they do not need to be absorbed from the soil, they are already present in the water.

Transplanting requires no effort, you just need to take one root from the pot and put it in the other.

Another plus of this technique can be noted: you can not worry about insects and nitrates in the soil. This is, roughly speaking, the perfect growing environment.


It is necessary to stock a grow box or make a greenhouse.

The construction consists of four elements:

  • A container, only not metal;
  • a stand for the possibility of watering;
  • substrate;
  • pump, filter.

There are 6 types of growing:

  1. Deep-water (roots are in the water, bushes in the platform).
  2. Filter watering (water flows through the filter to the roots).
  3. Flooding periodically (bushes are in the substrate, watered at certain times, then the water is drained).
  4. Nutrient layer (planting in a container with holes for the roots, pump water rises through the container in one, where the plant and drains into the other, where the roots).
  5. Aeroponics (pots are suspended, there is constant drip watering).
  6. Drip irrigation (plant in a pot with water, where there is watering from a pump into tubes).
  • Features and preparation for growing in water

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