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Peculiarities of growing feminized cannabis seeds

Peculiarities of growing feminized cannabis seeds

In order to get a good harvest and exclude the manifestation of male individuals, it is necessary to adhere to some rules of cultivation.

  1. Moisture.

During the first couple of weeks, the seeds should receive a sufficient amount of moisture. During the germination period, the humidity should not be less than - 60%, during the growing season - 40/60%.

  1. Unacceptability of drying out.

Hemp should not dry out under any circumstances, the balance of moisture and the possibility of watering must be adhered to.

Excessive desiccation is fraught with yield loss.

  1. Appropriate watering.

You should carefully monitor the level of humidity, and do not overwater the plant, otherwise you will be surprised by the appearance of mold or fungus.

  1. Temperature.

A temperature of 20/24°C is favorable. Overheating will lead to the death of the plants, and the lack of heat will lead to wilting.

  1. Fertilization.

In the first days and months of the plant's life, you need to ensure a sufficient amount of nitrogen, it contributes to the formation of inflorescences, the set of green mass, the formation of leaves.

It is necessary to carefully study the composition of the fertilizer before using, if you feed the hemp with what is already in it, you will only do harm, there will be alienation of nutrient vitamins.

  1. Light.

During the cultivation of femocs in indora, you need to pay attention to artificial spectral lighting. During the growing season, there should be a blue spectrum, during the flowering period - red.

What is this variety 

Sensimilla are sterile inflorescences of the female variety, unfertilized, not pollinated contain high levels of THC. It is the femkes that produce a large crop of ripe and fragrant cones.

Hemp cultivation technology was originally invented in India, but hemp became more popular when people from Jamaica took it up.

Female hemp is the basis from which 100% of the crop will be produced. Since it is not pollinated, the energy of growth and development is not focused on multiplication but rather on increasing mass.

Thanks to this variety, you can expect high yields with maximum cannabinoids (tetrahydrocannabinol).

The main advantages are

Feminized seeds give a number of advantages when used:

  • Feminized cannabis has high potency, which is expressed in high THC levels;
  • The aroma and flavor are richer;
  • Excellent homogeneity;
  • It is so much easier to harvest with femokas than with regular ones;
  • The quality of feminized seeds is superior to others;
  • high tolerance;
  • the viability of this species is enormous, you don't have to worry about the work invested, they will live up to expectations.

What factors influence the sex of the plant?

In relation to sex, cannabis is differentiated not only by structure and growth processes, but also by purpose.

 If you know the factors that influence the sex of the plant, you can prevent the appearance of male specimens.

So, let's highlight the main influencing factors, which will allow, to grow female specimens:

  • The use of fertilizer with a high concentration of nitrogen;
  • Maintaining a high level of humidity (but do not overwater the plant);
  • Keeping the temperature correct;
  • a photoperiod of no more than 12 hours;
  • Use of blue light spectrum.

We are by no means promoting cannabis; this article is for informational purposes only.

  • Peculiarities of growing feminized cannabis seeds

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