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Features of growing photoperiodic hemp seeds

Features of growing photoperiodic cannabis seeds

The most important feature of photoperiods is that you completely influence the plant, because without your intervention, it will never bloom.


Lovers of heat, so your main task will be to provide the temperature they need, which will be 24/26 ° C.


Varieties that are directly dependent on light. Ideal for them is 12 by 12 day/night. Therefore, they should be grown separately.


Regulate the height by yourself. In order to save money, some grow male and female together, so it will be easier to separate them later.


Suitable for growing outside, you can harvest once a year.


Like any plant hemp needs fertilizer, choose only organic fertilizers without unnecessary impurities.

What this variety is

Photoperiodic seeds are those whose growth directly depends on the transformation of the light cycle. The most common, but very popular.

Flowering in plants begins before the beginning of autumn, when the day becomes shorter, comes later, and the night comes earlier.

This variety is often used to create other varieties, by crossing.

During the development of the plant you regulate its growth, the time to flowering, thereby adjusting the height of the bush.

 Main advantages of the variety

Photoperiodic varieties have gained popularity for a reason, let's highlight their advantages:

  • give a large yield of dry matter;
  • are immune to various diseases;
  • are resistant to temperature fluctuations;

Technique of growing photoperiodic seeds

The growing technique is not mega-complicated and goes through several stages:

  1. In order to grow a healthy plant, you need to take care of the soil in which it will germinate.
  2. Photic plants increase in size, this should be taken into account when placing them indoors.
  3. Due to the prolonged vegetation period, you can grow many plants from one bush. The SCROG/LST technique is suitable for this.
  4. The plant develops very quickly, but the vegetation period is in your hands, it can be from 30 to 60 days, as long as it has enough of the necessary vitamins for nutrition.

The information in this article is for information purposes only and does not call for any action or propaganda.

  • Features of growing photoperiodic hemp seeds

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