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Features of growing indica


Germinated cannabis seeds are planted in the ground at +15°C by the end of the month of May, germination will occur after about 2 weeks.

Indica has increased branching, fast growth.

Growing season

The primary important phase of cannabis with indica superiority is the vega. In this stage the plant gains strength, approximately the time is 2-4 weeks. During this period, you need to provide the right vitamins to the plant and proper nutrition.


Humidity should be rational, Indica not bad perceives the lack of moisture, but not drought. Otherwise, the plant will die.


It is necessary to feed hemp with fertilizers, which include potassium and phosphorus. Do not apply more than a couple of times a month, so that the plant had time to be saturated with nutrients.

Flowering phase

The period lasts on average 6-8 weeks, almost stops growth, and the inflorescences gain mass, by 20-30%.


Ripens Indica by the end of August or early October, it all depends on the region. In the last days it is recommended to switch to little watering, to give the taste of the plant to be cleaner.

What is this variety?

Homeland is considered Indica Hindu Kush, which is located in the territory of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Nowadays this variety is produced in other countries: Tibet, Lebanon and others.

It was first described by J. Lamarck described this species in 1783. He gave it the name "Cannabis Indica" in his notebook because he found it in India. This species occupies a great place in the history, the life of the peoples, their culture, those people who live in the area.

You can visually identify this type of marijuana, the bushes are 6 cm to 2 meters, the stems are dense. Indica yields are extremely high, often up to 100 grams per plant. The bushes contain an impressive size of flowers, the THC is 15%.

They are well suited for cultivation in indoors. The cones are resinous and aromatic (smells like fruit, berries, pines).

Andersen and Schultz as researchers described Indica as a small plant with a canonical model and an impressive number of strong branches.

Main advantages of the variety

Features of Indica:

Sturdy and strong stem;
Small growth, with the bulk of its growth formed during the growing season;
powerful plant;
compact and compact cones;
temperature tolerance;
vitality and stress tolerance;
rapid budding and growth.

Indica's individual effects:

Relaxing and calming effect;
anesthetic effect;
used as a sleeping pill;
Sharpen the senses (allows you to hear more and more subtly);
reduces nausea;
increases appetite;
Helps in the production of dopamine.
Indica Growing Techniques.
Indica can be grown indoors or outdoors. It tolerates any climate with short summers.

Growing Technique:

SCROG - This technique is suitable for greenhouses or growing at home. Arrange pots with a single plant on a table or floor during the period of growing sprouts. A net is stretched out on top. During growth, the plants are spread out and tied to the mesh. At this time, a crown is formed and it is possible to illuminate the lower and upper branches.
SOG is a tight arrangement of plants in a pot, without creating a crown. This method is not suitable for Indica because of the volume of the bush.
This article is written for informational purposes only and does not promote cannabis.

  • Features of growing indica