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Smile Seeds Spanish Seedbank

At the heart of any endeavor is a great desire and determination to succeed and achieve a goal. That's how friends-breeders living in sunny Spain had an ambitious idea in 2006 to breed original cannabis varieties and supply the market with high quality seeds. After a year-long trip to many countries where they met with some of Spain's best breeders, they took home a large collection of seeds of excellent varieties that they used to start breeding new hybrids.

The main ingredients for the company's success

Nowadays Spanish seed bank Smile Seeds steadily holds leading positions in European and world ratings of cannabis seeds producers. It regularly participates and achieves high results in the cannabis cups, and has an excellent reputation among buyers. The secret of Smile Seeds' rapid success is the well-coordinated work of the whole team. This has enabled Smile Seeds to withstand stiff competition and achieve excellent results in a short time.

The hot Mediterranean climate of the Iberian Peninsula is ideal for growing cannabis because Spain has at least 260 sunny days a year. The use of innovative cultivation techniques and meticulous plant care ensure that every buyer of Seedbank products receives the highest quality seeds.

Features of Smile Seeds varieties

When breeding new hybrids the specialists of the company take into account the wishes of growers, who are primarily interested in large and stable yields. This result is ensured by almost 100% germination of seeds, which develop hardy bushes adapted to growing in indoors and outdoors. Adaptive properties of plants, their resistance to adverse weather conditions allows growers even with little experience to expect that everything will work out.

Smile Seeds offers a large number of autoflowering hybrids. The compact bushes are perfectly adapted to indor and do not take up much space. They can be placed in a small grow box, on a balcony or windowsill. The ruderalis genes provide not only auto-flowering, but also plant resistance to dangerous fungal infections.

With a choice of sativa and indica in various proportions, you can choose the one best suited to your expectations. The high THC content of the dried florets averages around 20%, giving you a potent and lingering effect.  A variety of aromas and original flavor notes add to the bright impressions and pleasant sensations during tasting.

Seeds from Smile Seeds in our online store

Each new hybrid, which is bred by Spanish specialists, is the result of persistent search and painstaking work. For everyone who wants a high quality product that will please with its excellent characteristics, our online store offers high quality cannabis seeds from Smile Seeds Cidbank.