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Ukrainian brand of hemp cosmetics conquers Europe!

In the world (and in Ukraine) no one is surprised by clothes made of hemp fiber, trendy eco-shoes, dietary supplements, drinks and other products based on marijuana seeds. And recently the Ukrainian brand "Natural Cosmetics", betting on the therapeutic properties of cannabis, has released a legal and effective care for the face and body.

What exactly are cannabis cosmetics made from?

Of course, we are not talking about leaves, and even less about resinous cannabis buds. The formulas for making organic cosmetics use the seeds, but also the cake, oils and proteins that are formed during the processing of technical cannabis. While Czech and Romanian brands flood the market with cheap cannabis products on stearic acid, the Ukrainian manufacturer chose the quality and the absence of unnecessary "synthetics" ... And he was right!

At this moment, "Natural Cosmetics" produces 15 kinds of feminine and unisex products with certificates of quality: from shampoos and scrubs to batters and creams such as "day-night"; from balms and masks to intimate hygiene foams. Organic products, produced in Ukraine, though it requires a costly certification process for each European country, but they are in high demand there. These samples were found in France, Israel, and Austria.

What are the benefits of cannabis-based cosmetics?

Of course, you can't count on a bright, psychoactive effect if you buy a jar of cannabis cream. The value of such cosmetics is due to the composition of the seeds. Hemp has an incredible amount of minerals, essential vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Not surprisingly, a cream based on the seeds and derivatives of industrial hemp increases skin turgor, smoothes wrinkles and fights rashes.

Laboratory tests confirm that hemp cosmetics promotes regeneration of the skin, making it more elastic, eliminates dryness and a feeling of tightness. Cannashampoos will help girls who are struggling with dandruff, suffering from hair loss and want to heal overdried, affected by the coloring curls. But the owners of very oily skin such cosmetics is unlikely to work.

  • Ukrainian brand of hemp cosmetics conquers Europe!

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