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Growing in the open air

The way of growing cannabis outdoors is called Outdoor. It is an activity that requires a lot of preparation. There are many factors that will affect the development of the plants and which are called the Outdoor way of growing cannabis. This activity requires a great deal of preparation. There are a number of factors that will affect your plants and which are beyond your control.

Planning ahead and taking a specific approach can greatly reduce the risk of dying off your seeds. The advantage of this type of cultivation will be a large harvest in the future.

In order to increase the chances of getting a quality product, you need to choose your planting location responsibly.


  • Small financial costs (hemp has long been growing itself in the ground and nature knows how to take care of it herself);


  • Weather (rains or drought will hurt the plants);
  • Insects, animals (there may be animals who won't mind eating a ripe cone).

Which varieties of hemp are best for outdoor planting?

A warm growing area will be the main reason for a good harvest. Since cannabis will only grow at a temperature of at least 18°C.

If you choose autoflowering varieties, the region does not matter here. And after 90 days. 

you can harvest your cannabis plants in 90 days.

Photoperiodic strains are more fastidious to the weather. The flowering phase will not start before July, so choose a variety that has time to bloom before the cold.

Genetic heredity is also important in the choice. When choosing a plant you must understand whether the climate is suitable or not. For example, autics, varieties that can resist weather conditions.

Preparing plants for planting in the ground

If the climate is favorable, you can make preparations in a couple of days. 

First of all, you need to germinate the seeds, for further cultivation, they should acquire the appearance of a good seedling.

Choosing a place

It is desirable to place the future plantation near a pond, it will be easier to get water for watering. It will be inconvenient to drag canisters into the woods all the time, and you will attract unwanted interest.


Soil preparation

Beneficial for cannabis will be chernozem, it contains components that will help the plant to grow. If this is not available, you need to stock up on special soil, buy it in any store and add to it perlite or something else to loosen it.


In order to prevent animals from eating your labors, it is best to fence the plants with netting.


You as a gardener will need: scissors, spatula, bucket, watering can.


To increase the yield of any plant requires fertilizer, hemp is no exception. Fertilizer should be organic, with micronutrients.

  • Growing in the open air

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