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Highest THC Content

Have you ever wondered which strain of marijuana contains the most THC? In this article, we'll take a look at which hemp strains have the highest THC content as of 2022.

What is considered high THC in marijuana?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse's 2021 annual report shows marijuana is getting more and more potent, as measured by its THC content.

So how much THC is in marijuana now compared to in the past? In 2003, the average THC level in marijuana was about 6.4%, up from 0.72% in 1976. By 2018, most cannabis strains had a THC content of over 15%.

Many strains today contain over 20% THC. In general, THC levels around 18% are considered average, and anything above 20% is considered high THC.

The level of THC in cannabis depends on many factors, such as the amount of light the plant receives, the condition of the soil, and the temperature and humidity of the growing environment.

The same strain of cannabis grown under different conditions can have significantly different levels of THC. Therefore, it is impossible to single out one particular cannabis variety as a record holder; rather, a particular strain sample may have very high levels of THC.

Currently, the most powerful cannabis strains have a THC content of around 30% and up to 34%. The theoretical maximum content of THC in cannabis flowers is around 34%, since other components, such as proteins and minerals, must be present in the plant.

Most of the strains with the highest recorded THC content are old strains that have "evolved" over time to contain more and more THC.

What type of herb contains the most THC

Godfather OG (world's strongest marijuana strain?)

As of 2022, the highest THC strain, Godfather OG, is considered the most potent strain in the world. One report claims that the indica flower contains THC at a concentration of 34%.

Grease Monkey

This indica-dominated strain contains 31% THC after a careful cross between Cookies and Cream (26% THC) and Gorilla Glue (25% to 30% THC).

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