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Lights for growing cannabis

For those who prefer to grow cannabis in indoors, so that the plants are always under supervision in a grow box or grotto, manufacturers offer special lamps that have sufficient power and a special type of glow, so that the grow is successful and time is not wasted.

Providing lighting as close to natural light as possible

Modern special lamps for grovelling in indora can provide conditions similar to those found in nature in spring, summer and fall. When the bushes are in the vegetative phase, the light should be white; for the flowering phase, a yellow glow is needed. At the same time, lighting fixtures should have sufficient power. Only in this case, the plants will be provided with the necessary energy for growth and development.

Types of lamps for growing cannabis

There are these types of lamps that are used for growing cannabis in indora:

DRI; used during the vegetation phase, have a small light output, which is 40 - 60 lm/W, heated to 700 ° C.

ESL; with an excellent spectrum of light, energy-saving, suitable for the first shoots and small grow boxes. Light output - 40 - 90 lm/W, heats up to only 70 ° C.

DNAT; excellent for the flowering phase, contribute to the formation of inflorescences. High light output - from 80 to 150 lm/W when heated up to 400 ° C. However, there are also disadvantages: high power consumption, short operating time (15 thousand hours).

LED or LED lamps are versatile because they can be used during the vegetation and flowering phases, they consume little power, practically do not heat up.

The ventilation system should provide optimal air circulation and cool the plants. Carbon dioxide can be added for better absorption of light energy by the plant.

It is not necessary to use conventional incandescent bulbs, because the photosynthesis process will not take place fully, they do not have the full color spectrum.

  • Lights for growing cannabis

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