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How to grow hemp from seed

If it is possible to grow cannabis - remember that in Ukraine even just a cannabis seed placed in the ground is already a crime - then everything starts with germination. There are several simple and effective ways, but they have one principle in common: high humidity and heat.

1. A cotton pad/sponge

An ordinary dish-washing sponge or a cotton pad is well moistened with bottled or filtered water, folded (cut) in half and put a seed on one half and cover the other. The resulting "sandwich" should be placed in a container with a tight lid or zip-pack and leave in a dark warm (optimal temperature of about 24-28C) place. Usually after 1-3 days the seeds will germinate and are ready for planting in the soil with the root down.

2. A cup of water

In a cup with bottled or filtered water just above room temperature drop the seeds. If the seeds don't start sinking after a while, you'll have to crack the shells yourself. Cover the cup with a lid and put it in a warm place - here the requirements are the same as in the method with a cotton disk. Usually the grain germinates for a day 1-2 days - it is important not to miss the moment of sprouting, so that in time to transplant into the substrate.

Once placed in the substrate/soil, it is important to continue to maintain comfortable heat and high humidity (the seed planting area must be watered). It will be effective to cover the pot with food film for a greenhouse effect. It can be removed after the emergence of sprouts, at the same time the pot is placed under a lamp.

  • How to grow hemp from seed

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