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Features of plant growing -

In Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, Nigeria, and Jamaica, sativa is preferably grown. Here the climate is ideal for growing cannabis year-round. Her advantage is a large crop, but it is worth the wait, sometimes the flowering period lasts 16 weeks.


Its peculiarity is the long flowering period. This is important to consider when choosing a planting location.


It is necessary to consider the fact that sativa grows up to six meters in height, before selecting a planting location.


You can plant it in the outdoors when the temperature at night will not fall below 18 ° C.  

A temperature of 24/28°C will be favorable for proper growth and development.

In the indor, you can reduce the growth of cannabis by transplanting it into a smaller pot.


Because the bushes are lush, mold problems can occur. You need to control the humidity level, it should be 55/65%. Approaching harvests, it decreases to 40%.

To eliminate mold, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, or baking soda should be added to the soil.


Sativa plants like a lot of light, and for proper growth they need at least 400W lamps per square meter.

The light regime should be 20/4, during flowering 12/12. A couple of weeks before harvest, the light duration should be at least 8 hours.

In the outdoors, plant the hemp where the sun will hit it for at least 10 hours.


Water the cannabis in several parts to avoid too much moisture.


It is less demanding of nutrients, you should not fertilize often. It is not superfluous to wash it once a month.


Sativa bears a lot of fruit, sometimes it is 3/4 kg of cones from one bush. After drying the cones will lose weight, you should take this into account and not worry when you get 1 kg out of 2 kg.

Because the bushes are abundant, they should be propped up by sticks, otherwise they will sag and die.

What is this variety?

Sativa is a technical crop, characterized by a lack of autoflowering, some varieties of it with a small amount of psychoactive components. In many countries, this variety is grown to create oils, canvases, ropes, ropes.

It usually grows up to 2 meters, there have been cases where the height was 6 meters. Grows constantly from the moment of planting, the leaves are long and narrow. It takes a long time to mature, up to 4/5 months.

It has been identified in Colombia and Brazil, translated sativa - sown, this is because it was previously grown by many generations of peasants.

The main benefits of the variety are
Sativa has positive effects on humans; it:

  • adds strength;
  • invigorates;
  • it promotes creativity, creativity;
  • it helps with depression;
  • It can replace an energy drink.

Hemp increases energy, has a restorative effect, gives vigor and strength.

Sativa Seed Growing Technique

In essence, the technology of growing cannabis is not complicated, the main thing is to know all the nuances about planting and development, harvesting. Initially, you need to decide on a place, which you have for planting, and pick the appropriate varieties that will develop there.

Any growing technique begins with the seed. It doesn't matter as much what kind of marijuana seeds to pick up, the principles won't change. Create the right growing environment. Seeds can be grown in soil, water. Choose a method convenient to you, be patient and you will succeed.

This article is informational and does not advocate any action.

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  • Features of plant growing -