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You can try hashish legally. Fly to the Netherlands

Many countries around the world grow industrial hemp. It is used for a variety of purposes. For example, marijuana is used to make clothing, oils, animal feed and other products. When it comes to the agricultural sector, weed is one of many production niches. This is not the case anywhere, but in the Netherlands. Here cannabis is cultivated for personal use. Despite a lot of legislation that restricts the sale of cannabis, it is quite legal to try it here.

The legalization of cannabis here is quite a long time ago. The so-called "opium laws" have been repeatedly amended and changed until in the 70's the final version came out. If you look at the history, it was not very widespread in Holland and it was considered to be a soft drug. There was jail time for growing it. Things started to change in the '60s, when the "hippie" movement emerged. It was at this time that things began to change in a completely different direction, making cannabis cultivation completely legal. This was made possible by a study by the Department of the Interior. It showed that most of the cases involving weed were not serious. In addition, all in the same 70s, the government initiated the creation of a special commission, which would be able to prove that cannabis products are more harmful than coffee and tobacco. Immediately a large number of experts cited the U.S. Prohibition Act as an example. This led the government to become insecure about having the right to interfere with citizens' choices. As for our days, you can buy marijuana at special Coffeeshops, which follow certain, strict rules.

  • You can try hashish legally. Fly to the Netherlands

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