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The strongest marijuana strain in the world

The potency of cannabis is primarily determined by the level of THC in the dried inflorescences. The THC content of the finished product is usually considered high when it is 15%. On our online store you can easily find a lot of cannabis strains with a THC content of 20% and more. This high level has been achieved through the systematic work of the specialists from the world's leading drug banks.

This desire to make very high THC cannabis strains has led to an overall increase in THC levels in just about every new variety that the drug gangs put on the market. Some have started to emerge with THC levels approaching or even exceeding 30%. Experienced tasters can well imagine the power and longevity of the effect of a finished product which contains such a high percentage of THC. From the whole range of varieties with record highs one can single out three leaders:

  • Ghost OG. It has 28% tetrahydrocannabinol. This strain has repeatedly been voted the best of the best at the Cannabis Cup. The successful combination of indica and sativa in the strain has a powerful effect on both the mind and the body. The smoke has a citrus aroma and a pleasant sweet taste. This variety is excellent for medical purposes, helps to relieve chronic pain of various origins, combat stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Early Kush. This strain contains 24% THC. The phenotype is dominated by sativa (70%), which is balanced by 30% indica. It is a cross of Lemon Thai x Pakistani x ChemDawg. Early Kush is smooth and long lasting, relaxes the body and activates the brain at the same time. Suitable for an evening tasting in the close company of close friends or alone.
  • Brownie Scout. This indica-dominant variety has created a furor. Testing one batch showed a record 37.5% THC. This figure is recognized as a new record. And the average THC content is consistently above 30%. Brownie Scout was bred from Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Great Divide.
  • The strongest marijuana strain in the world