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Marijuana seeds Tashkent

Curiosity and the desire to try something new arise from time to time in almost every cannabis lover. Seedbanks enable growers to do just that and offer strains that are unique, powerful, and great tasting. These include the Taskenti variety. First of all, its uniqueness lies in the fact that Taskenti was bred on the basis of Uzbek genetics. It is this variety that is used to produce the famous Uzbek hashish. First of all, Tashkent will appeal to those lovers who prefer to taste 100% indica strains.

Marijuana seeds Tashkent can be grown both in natural conditions and indoors. Even beginners who are not afraid to take risks can cope with unpretentious and hardy bushes, because the seeds of this variety are not cheap.

Low plants without any problems can be disguised in open areas. The compactness of the bushes is great for the limited space of a grow box or grow tent. However, experienced growers recommend growing Tashkents outdoors, especially since the bushes are excellent at withstanding sudden temperature changes, resistant to mold and other fungal infections.

Generous harvest will please the most demanding growers. In open ground, up to 1000 grams of dry inflorescences can be collected from a bush. Indoor yields are 500-600 grams per square meter.

The high THC content of 25% ensures that the effect is literally mind blowing. Indica provides a powerful stone that allows you to completely relax and forget all the troubles for a while. The duration of the effect is about 3 hours. The smoke will delight gourmets with lemon and mint notes.

  • Marijuana seeds Tashkent