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Choosing a cannabis fertilizer

Theoretically, marijuana can grow without fertilizer. But in their absence, the plant will yield little and the quality of the buds will leave a lot to be desired. As the experience of growers shows, cannabis needs mineral and organic nutrition.

The right choice of crop will achieve the following results:

  • Improved quality of the finished crop;
  • Increased cone weight;
  • Increased resistance of the crop to the effects of the external environment.

There is no doubt in the usefulness of fertilizers. Only one question remains: how to choose a cannabis fertilizer?

The best kinds of fertilizer for cannabis

The best effect is produced by fertilizers based on nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Most often, growers use nitrogen-potassium mixtures. Combinations of phosphorus and potassium are suitable for fertilizing flowering plants cultivated on peat soils. Pyrite pellets in combination with copper 0.3-0.5% give a good result. Superphosphate in granules or superphosphate mixed with humus works great.

When choosing a fertilizer, pay attention to the properties of the soil. For example, for chernozem and acidic substrate, it is better to choose phosphate flour. If your soil likes potassium fertilizers, use potassium salt, potassium chloride or sylvinite. High yields can be obtained by using pure ash. Superphosphate is suitable for almost all types of soil, but it's best to apply it before seeding marijuana.

Many growers prefer nitrogen-phosphorus formulations. They give good results in areas where the bushes grow too slowly. As you can see, different types of preparations can be varied in order to accelerate the growth of the crop and get an abundant harvest.

When caring for the crop, consider a number of nuances. In addition to the type of soil, you need to consider the culture's need for nutrition. Outdoors and indoors, different formulations and dosages are used. Fertilizing is also performed at different times.

Lack of useful components has a bad effect on the development of culture, as well as an overabundance. Too high dosages can cause stress in the culture, slow its development and lead to death. To get a rich and rich harvest, choose fertilizers wisely.

  • Choosing a cannabis fertilizer