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Best varieties of marijuana: Top 5

We present a selection of powerful, productive and unpretentious varieties for home and street.

Kuban Killer.

Strain is 60% sativa and 100% killer: a euphoric booster with a pleasant bodily tingle that turns into a sofa-smearing relaxation. In the box gives bushes up to 130 cm, but in the outdoors it usually stretches up to 2 meters. Characterized by excellent adaptability and the ability to grow without much grower input in both cold and hot and humid conditions. Yield per square meter is up to 600 g, with an outdoor yield of 900 to 1500 g per bush. After drying in the inflorescences up to 22% THC.

Kalashnikov Express

A perfectly balanced hybrid with an accelerated period of development. Express varieties - an invention of Kalashnikov Seeds Cidbank, so they keep the exact genetics in secret. But for comparison, the original Kalashnikov blooms about 60 days, and this strein is ready to harvest 10 days earlier. The plants are squat, bushy, not afraid of extreme grovelling conditions. Produce up to 800 g per square meter in the indor, and up to 1500 g per plant in the outdoors. The effect is stimulating, psychedelic, smelling of strawberries and incense.

Snow White Amsterdam.

Another balanced strain based on Jack Herrera and Cinderella 88 genetics. Delivers positivity in the head and relaxation, to the point of feeling rocky, in the body. The bushes are branched, ripen quickly (55 days) and produce large, crystal-covered inflorescences, up to 600g per square meter. Outdoors, the crop is ready by late September.

Skunk Amsterdam.

A super productive balanced strain based on Super Sunk and Afghani #1. Skunk genetics makes it resistant to mold, moisture and pests, for the same reason it has a rather strong odor, so a hood with charcoal filters wouldn't hurt. The effects are mixed: waves of joy and happiness roll over an almost completely petrified body. Up to 1000 g per plant after 8-9 weeks of flowering.

Bright Star

A predominantly sativa hybrid, taking the best from Haze and White Widow. Up to 1200g can be harvested in the indor, but with bright light (800W per square meter). Grows up to 2-2.5 meters. The effect is strong, savory: lots of euphoria and energy. 

  • Best varieties of marijuana: Top 5