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All about hemp seeds for firewood

Cannabis seeds are divided by gender - feminized and regular, and by type of transition to flowering - photoperiodic and autoflowering. The classification is not complicated, and we have tried to explain it in as much detail as possible. In the article you will also find recommendations on the selection of seeds, taking into account the place of the future grovet and other useful tips.

Regular Seeds.

Cannabis is a bipolar plant, but only the unfertilized female bush, the sensimilla, produces a crop of cones. Regular seeds are about equally likely to produce both a "girl" and a "boy", so the latter must be identified and removed from the plantation in time. This should be done before flowering begins. If the moment is missed, the pollen from the male plant will fertilize the female plant, and the grower will get new seeds instead of cones-fruit.

With the right knowledge in time, separating "boys" from "girls" is not difficult. It is also possible to increase the likelihood of developing just female plants, but even with all the rules, it is impossible to guarantee that 99.9% of regular seeds will give "girls". Only feminized seeds with stable genetics have such a high probability. Regulars lose out to them in viability, yield uniformity and assortment - many cidbanks simply do not produce regular varieties anymore. The main advantage of this type of grain is the low price. If you decide to take them, you may find the following subsections helpful.

How to determine the sex of a plant

Male preflowers appear at 1-4 weeks of vegetation, female preflowers at 4-6 weeks. Hermaphrodites have signs of "boys" and "girls", do not bring a crop, so they also need to be removed from the plantation in time. For photoperiodic plants vegetation lasts at least 4 weeks, autoflowers need about 3-4 weeks to develop. During this time, the grower should notice the following signs:

  • "boys" are taller than "girls";
  • "girls" are more compact, but the foliage is thicker;
  • The preflowers between the fourth to fifth nodes (count from the root) in female plants resemble a pear with two hairs, and in male plants - balls collected in one place, which as they develop stretch out and turn yellow. 

How to grow female bushes from regulars

The main requirement for those wishing to grow sensimilla is to protect the plant from stress. The same is true for feminized grains, where there is still a risk of getting a hermaphrodite. The basic rules for the growing season are:

  • Bright light with a predominance of the blue spectrum;
  • light duration of about 14-15 hours, but for a faster vega you can take 18/6;
  • Humidity of 70-80%;
  • More nitrogen, less potassium - it's better to take ready mixes for deciduous plants;
  • The temperature during the day - 20-25C, at night it can drop to 18C;
  • Feed ethylene, which stimulates the production of female hormones.

Why buy feminized seeds

  • Hemp seeds produce female plants with a 99-100% probability;
  • Greater choice of varieties - a number of sitbanks simply give up regulars in favor of more reliable femokas or significantly reduce the assortment;
  • The quality of the product is noticeably higher: the taste and aroma are richer and the effects are stronger;
  • Greater yield;
  • Homogeneous yields from all plants;
  • Femocs have a higher vitality and are less sensitive to stress.

Femoc cannabis seeds are better for small quantities to try out, but are also more suitable for commercial grows and are recommended for beginners with little or no experience.

Photoperiod marijuana seeds

The main feature is that plants need to be switched from growing to flowering by reducing the length of daylight hours. This has its pros and cons, so it is worth buying photoperiodic seeds if the grower:

  • Is not pressed for time, as veg and bloom lasts an average of 3 to 6 months;
  • has tall grow boxes/tents or enough space for outdoors cultivation - plants are a meter or more tall - especially if they are garden varieties;
  • Wants the high yields of varieties with a THC higher than 20%;
  • Is going to increase herbage yields by building up green mass, which is effective with a long growing season.  

Who will benefit from autoflowering seeds

The difference between autoflowering and photoperiodic varieties is the independent beginning of flowering after a few weeks of vega. The grower is not required to reduce the duration of the light day, it is possible to keep it within 18-20 hours during the whole life cycle of the plant.

Characteristics of autoflowering shrubs:

  • The entire life cycle of autoflowering plants lasts an average of 10 weeks. Indica plants usually produce a crop as early as 8-9 weeks after germinating the seeds, sativa may take about 12 weeks. And that's still less than what photoperiod varieties need, where only flowering takes 6-8 weeks.
  • Bushes rarely grow taller than 120 cm. Indica usually reach a height of 80 cm, you can find dwarf plants - about 40-50 cm, which is ideal for a compact box or guerrilla grove.
  • The viability of autoflowers is higher than that of photoperiod cannabis. They better survive low or high temperatures, irrigation violations, lack of nutrients, are often resistant to fungus, mold and pests. Autoflowers are still more loyal to mistakes in care. This feature, along with autoflowering properties, was given to them by ruderalis, a wild hemp that is used to surviving in harsh conditions.
  • A short vega - only a few weeks - does not give the bushes time to grow a lot of green mass and subsequently give a large crop. The productivity of autoflowers is average compared to photoperiodic plants - about 300-400g per square meter.
  • The rapid development of autoflowering cannabis also affects the level of THC: rarely are there varieties where the content of the main psychoactive substance is higher than 18%.

For all these properties of autoflowering cannabis, it is advisable to buy the seeds if

  • only a few months of heat in a year or a grower is limited in terms of timing;
  • You want to harvest up to 4 times a year instead of 1-2 times as with photoperiodic cannabis;
  • plans a guerrilla grow or only small growboxes are available;
  • little experience with grovelling or bad experience with photoperiod marijuana.

What does F1 mean next to the name of a marijuana seed

The prefix F1 refers to first-generation hybrids. It makes no sense to take seeds of other generations - they will not have outstanding properties, in some cases they will not yield at all. It also means that hybrids of the first generation are not pollinated to obtain new seeds. If you want to retain the same properties, the plant is cloned. 

F1 hybrids are the product of careful selection of varieties. Their characteristics far exceed those of their parents, such cannabis can have high productivity, powerful effects, unusual flavor, and high vitality if desired by the breeder.

  • All about hemp seeds for firewood

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