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Why Grow Regular (Regular) Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds with a regular sex are a breeding line in which there is an equal balance of male and female chromosomes. Working with regular seeds is a great way to grow a large selection of male or female plants. Knowing which plants are of which sex, how to identify them early and understand the life cycle of a cannabis plant will give you an edge when looking for phenotypes for an upcoming breeding project.

Why grow from regular seeds?

There are many reasons why a grower might choose to work with regular seeds despite the practical advantages in terms of growing space, nutrient wastage and environment.

Breeding projects

For those who have the desire to create their own genetic crosses, starting their own breeding project in the comfort of their own home is easily achievable. To do this, you will need to invest in regular seeds that will allow you to grow both male and female plants. It is worth purchasing at least 10 seeds to get started to get a wider variation and the ability to choose between males and females. Some seedlings may not take root and be culled early, however with 10 seedlings there is a good potential for a desired ratio. Labeling your pots with cultivar numbers and names will make life much easier when sorting different plants, especially if you take cuttings before flowering for preservation.

Genetics up to 98 years

There are a lot of old school genetics that have stood the test of time and due to the market in that era have never been feminized. Since about the beginning of 2000, the benefits of feminized seeds have become commercially popular. Many cultivars that have existed for the last 50 years are often kept as normal seed, either as first generation or stable IBL. Backcrossing or obtaining a new generation of cultivar should be carried out only with ordinary seeds, especially with inbreeding.

Advanced search for phenotypes

If you're investing time and money in a big phenotype hunt, it's best to work with regular seeds rather than feminized ones. In this process, male and female plants will need to be separated well before flowering. There are some impracticalities associated with this method, such as wasteful use of hydraulic system space, use of nutrients, growing media, allocated space, and maintenance. Working with more plants to choose from will allow you to access the most attractive plants based on height, structure, internodes, fragrance, leaf pattern and overall vigor.

Finding a Mother Plant

By working through a bunch of seeds and weeding out the best female plants down to one keeper, you'll be rewarded with the best mother plant and in some cases can soften the blow by paying triple figures for a pack of seeds. If you really want to find the best of the best, using regular seeds will provide the most genetic diversity.

Definition of preflowers

When a cannabis seedling is left to grow for 5 weeks 18/6, very small preflowers begin to appear on the plant. Usually these pre-flowers open after flowering begins, however, knowing what to look for, you can determine what gender your plant is.


Male pre-flowers look like a small cluster of green oval sprouts. They will be visible between the internodes and may even look like a female flower minus the pistil. By this point, there is no need to worry about male pollen sacs and cross-pollination, and after a few weeks it will be obvious that you have tiny male pre-flowers in abundance.


Unlike the male pre-flower, the female will produce a tiny white hair known as a pistil. When you see the first white hair, this will mean that the plant is really female, and after the start of flowering, many pistils will appear. Sometimes a very thin and narrow growth may appear, similar to the tip of a blade of grass, which will subsequently release the pestle.

Top Tips for Sexing Cannabis Plants

Before throwing a plant out of the garden, make sure you are 100% sure that it is male or female. The pollen sacs of male plants will not open until 3-4 weeks after 12/12, so take the time to be completely confident in your decision-making ability.
The percentage of female plants turning into male plants is usually around 60/40, so the more seeds you plant, the more likely you are to find an elite keeper of male or female plants.
Use a loupe or powerful lens to get a closer look at the plants. This will make life much easier considering that flowers can be nearly invisible to the naked eye.
Take at least one cutting from each plant if you have the space and time. Make sure you label and number the clones with the same numbers as the original plants. Taking clones now will save you the hassle of returning plants to a vegetative state after harvest.

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

Using regular seeds has its own unique benefits, but it's worth considering the benefits associated with female seeds.

You use 100% of the growing space without having to worry about having to remove 40% of the pots after you have separated the plants by sex. The same applies to the amount of unused grow medium, nutrients and light used when sexing regular seeds from the grow room.
There is a much greater variety of feminized seeds compared to conventional sexed varieties. Over 90% of the commercial market is for the production of female seeds.
You can also purchase feminized autoflowering varieties that are high in CBD. Both of these types of cannabis are extremely popular and allow the grower to adapt much better to environmental conditions and needs.

  • Why Grow Regular (Regular) Cannabis Seeds