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What affects the intensity of the cannabis effect

Cannabis contains more than a hundred cannabinoids, biologically active substances, but only about sixty have been more or less studied. Some of them have psychoactive effects that can be felt when smoked, but science is also interested in the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids. The cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which we will talk about in more detail, are under the most scrutiny.  

What is tetrahydrocannabinol

The main psychoactive component of cannabis, it is responsible for the intensity and duration of the effects. THC also has therapeutic effects:

  1. Relieves pain;
  2. It is a mild sleeping aid, even for insomnia;
  3. It relieves nausea and has an antiemetic effect, which is why medical cannabis is prescribed to cancer patients for the side effects of chemotherapy;
  4. Relaxes muscles and stops spasms;
  5. Improves appetite.

Relatively recently, scientists have discovered the ability of THC and CBD to fight cancer. They disrupt the blood supply to the tumor, preventing it from growing, subsequently destroying the cancer cells. A number of these properties can be felt with normal recreational cannabis use, but special varieties with high levels of CBD have a pronounced medicinal effect. Tetrahydrocannabinol primarily produces euphoria.

What affects THC levels

Seedbanks and stores indicate the THC content as a percentage. If this is not the range of values, then you are looking at the approximate maximum that can be squeezed out of the variety. Medium strength varieties are most common, around eighteen to nineteen percent. Strains with more than twenty percent tetrahydrocannabinol are considered strong. Handle them carefully so as not to catch a bad trip. But first you need to achieve the stated THC level, and it is affected by:

  1. The time of harvest. Unripe buds are just as bad as unripe ones. In the first case, the brightness of the effect suffers, and in the second, the intensity. Harvesting should not be rushed, nor should the process be delayed.
  2. Condition of the plants.  Watering frequency, too much or not enough nutrients, light, and humidity all affect the health of the plant and its THC level, respectively. Take good care of the plant and it will thank you with quality, trich-covered inflorescences.
  3. Bud treatment. This is a good way to boost THC production without risking overripe inflorescences. To do this, they are not separated from the stems. Trellising the buds improves their flavor and the quality of the effect.

Even novice growers who have never groomed a bud can expect a THC level that is close to the advertised level with regular grooming. Competition between cidbanks pushes breeders to improve genetics and create more potent varieties that are easy to grow.

  • What affects the intensity of the cannabis effect

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