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What type of seeds to choose to save money

The cheapest seeds are considered to be regular seeds, but this is only nominally. Although their cost is lower than the feminized ones, the benefit of buying them is rather questionable. And below we will tell you in more detail why it is not worth spending money on them.

Three reasons why feminized seeds are more profitable than regular seeds

1. 3 pieces of feminized seed are better than 3 pieces of regular seed.

Remember the main feature of regular seeds is that they produce both male and female plants. Only "girls" are of value to the grower, and not pollinated, so that false fruits - cones - are formed. Male cannabis plants are not only useless in a plantation, but also dangerous if not detected in time. You will buy three pieces of regular seeds and, without getting a single female plant, you will have wasted money and energy during the plant's growing season. The guarantee that feminized seeds will produce "girls" is ninety-nine percent. You can reduce the chance of a male or hermaphrodite plant to zero if you do not feed it with nitrogen, do not over-temperature it and water it properly.

2. A small selection of regular seeds

Sidbanks are constantly pushing regular seed updates. Feminized grains are more suitable genetic material and are more convenient to grow. The variety of femocs is increasing and the price of femocs is decreasing. Certainly not to the level of regular seed, but the premium for a large selection of varieties and better properties is not so high anymore.

3. Femoc grains have better characteristics.

Because you are not having to watch the plants with a magnifying glass for signs of a male plant, you are getting a better quality harvest. The feminized buds have a more distinct aroma, flavor, and effect. The harvest itself is homogeneous; you know exactly how much you will harvest per bush or per square meter of plantation. In addition, femokas have a slightly higher vitality. All of these qualities are critical in commercial growing.

Indica or sativa? Autoflowering or photoperiodic varieties?

If the difference in the effects of indica and sativa doesn't matter, it is more profitable to take indica varieties. They cost less than sativas, but are also easier to grow:

  1. Suitable for the fickle climate of the midlands;
  2. have a high vitality, often resistant to mold;
  3. they have compact size, which can be easily placed in a small grow box or hidden in a flowerbed;
  4. They bloom quickly, in about sixty-five days. This corresponds to three months of warmth and you can already harvest in September;
  5. Have good productivity - about a hundred grams per bush in the outdoors and an average of five hundred grams per square meter in the box.

Autoflowering varieties are more expensive than photoperiodic varieties, but they make the grovelling process even easier. The entire life cycle of the bush is limited to sixty days, and the plant also tolerates temperature fluctuations, unstable watering, pest and mold attacks more easily. Autoflowers are traditionally considered the choice for growers with no or minimal experience, and they are also preferred to grow under difficult weather conditions in the outdoors.

  • What type of seeds to choose to save money

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