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How beginners grow cannabis indor

There are basic rules that must be followed in order to successfully grow cannabis indoors. First of all, find a suitable space, depending on the possibilities and circumstances. This can be an old cupboard, a basement, a separate room, a special grow box or a grotto.

Ensuring optimal conditions

When calculating the space, not only the area for plants, but also the location of the necessary equipment is taken into account. Natural light should not penetrate the room, as this can disrupt the biological clock of the plants. A lot depends on lighting, so you need to choose lighting fixtures that will provide the appropriate spectrum of radiation during the different phases of bush development.

Constant air circulation is an important condition for growing a large crop, a quality hood will ensure that the hot air from the lamps is removed.

It is also very important to maintain the optimum temperature mode, which should be in the range of 21 - 29 ° C when the lights are on, and 14 - 21 ° C when they are off.

To avoid unpleasant situations, it is better to test the lighting and air circulation system before planting the bushes.

To neutralize the smell, which intensely exudes plants during the flowering phase, a charcoal filter is put in the ventilation.

To automatically maintain the light regime, it is best to use a timer, which should be set for 16 - 20 hours of lighting during the vegetation phase, and 12 hours during flowering.

Nutrients the plants need

Plants need to be supplied with enough nutrients, above all

  • nitrogen;
  • Phosphorus;
  • Potassium.

In smaller proportions the plants need calcium, magnesium, iron and copper. For fertilizing it is advisable to use special fertilizers. Water the plants better filtered water, as chlorinated water can be harmful.

In any case, practice and experience comes gradually. The main thing - the desire to learn, learn new information, which, among other things, you can learn in our blogs.

  • How beginners grow cannabis indor

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