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How to increase the THC content of marijuana

To unlock the full genetic potential of a cannabis variety with a high THC content, it takes a lot of effort. First of all, the plants must be given the right growing conditions.

Cultivation conditions that increase THC

The temperature during the growing season for sativas is 22 - 30 ° C during the day, and 22 - 28 ° C during flowering. When growing indica, the temperature should be 2 degrees lower. Humidity during vegetation should be between 55 - 60%, and when the plants bloom - 45 - 50%. It is very important that "day" and "night" come on time. The light regime during vegetation - 18/6, when flowering - 12/12.

Also take care of a sufficient volume of carbon dioxide in a grow box or a grotto using blowing ventilation and selecting proper pots: 10-15 liters for Indica and 20 liters for Sativa.

Correct and timely fertilization of plants will ensure an excellent harvest. For this purpose, it is best to use special fertilizers, which are designed for each phase of development.

Harvesting and storage

The responsible period for the grower is Harvest. The maximum THC content is determined by the color of the trichomes and pistils, which turn red-brown, while the trichomes turn cloudy and milky-white.

To gently cut the inflorescences, you should use a small handy pruner or sharp scissors with narrow blades. The bush is cut as a whole or by branches, starting from the lower ones. Large leaves are removed, stakes with buds and small resinous leaves are left, which are completely separated from the stem or only their tips are cut off.

To remove the herbaceous bitterness from the inflorescences, to make the flavor pleasant and bright, to increase the THC content, a treatment is mandatory. It is advisable to keep the inflorescences in tightly closed glass jars in a dark, cool place for a month.

To keep the buds at a high THC level for a long time, they must be stored at 60 % humidity in airtight containers with no access to light.

  • How to increase the THC content of marijuana

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