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How to choose a cannabis seed store

It is legal to buy hemp seeds. They do not contain any psychoactive components, so they are not legally classified as narcotic substances. Cannabis seeds are nutritious and healthy, so they are used as a food additive, birdseed, feed or bait for fish. The reason you might want to buy cannabis seeds can be anything, even if it's for collecting or as a keepsake.

How to choose an online seed store

The question of choice does not rest only on the guarantee of delivery of seeds. As a rule, all online stores offer a cash on delivery service, when the payment is charged at the post office after receiving the goods. The most important criterion for choosing where to buy is the quality of the seeds. You can check them only after receiving them, but there are several ways to insure yourself against fraudsters:

  1. Look for reviews. Read what users leave on the site itself, but also look for mentions of the store in thematic forums and major news portals.
  2. Study the design and interface of the store. The site should be visually appealing and the interface should be clear. If the owners do not have the money to create a store "for people", then they are unlikely to have the means for a quality product.
  3. Pay attention to service and feedback. A good store offers several methods of payment and delivery, be sure - the service of cash on delivery. He can offer you online consultation, a callback - you leave a number, and they call you back. Also on the site should be specified mail for contact and, perhaps, messengers. It is important that your message is responded to quickly. A response within 24 hours is considered normal.
  4. Study the assortment. Pay attention to the variety of cidbanks presented in the store - domestic and foreign, the presence of novelties, exclusive varieties. Good stores offer a pre-order service and can send seeds in the manufacturer's original packaging. In any case, the parcel should look neat. This shows that the store understands the value of the product and cares about its customers.

The store where you are going to buy cannabis seeds should inspire confidence in you. If you have any questions about the product, don't hesitate to ask. All good online stores work to attract loyal customers, and try to maintain a high level of service. If you are satisfied with the service, if they do not embarrass you in terms of payment and receipt of goods, and most importantly - you like the range, then feel free to leave an order on the site.

  • How to choose a cannabis seed store

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