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How to make feminized seeds

Today, feminized seeds are among the most popular among growers because it is almost a one hundred percent guarantee that female plants will grow. Although, only in mathematics is everything accurate, and in biology there is a small chance that a male plant may grow. However, according to statistics and coming out of the practice of experienced growers, such cases occur once in a hundred.

Feminized seeds, or feminized seeds in simple terms, save a lot of time by not having to grow male bushes that need to be removed before the female ones start to bloom.

Of course, it is possible to take advantage of the wide range of femocs offered by cidbanks, which are constantly working to improve them, but a grower would not be a grower if he did not want to get feminized seeds himself, because it has long been well known that there is nothing better than a self-made job when you yourself control the whole process from start to finish.

You should know that feminized seeds come from the crossing of two female plants. That is, it is necessary to create conditions under which the female plant can develop pollen sacs. This sequence of steps ensures that even a novice grower can get females.

Ways of producing male flowers on a female plant

In order for male inflorescences to appear on a female bush, one of the methods must be applied:

  • Rodeling. Creating conditions by means of biological factors in which the female plants will remain in flowering much longer than usual, which is likely to produce pollen sacs that can be used to pollinate other plants.

However, the natural method has a major disadvantage compared to the chemical method: plants that grow from such seeds have male and female sex characteristics. So it is very likely that a male plant will grow from such seeds.

To get the best out of it, you have to be careful to choose stress-resistant parental plants. Then homogeneous, stable females are more likely to be produced.

More information for making feminized seeds can be found on our forum at http://grow-time.club

  • How to make feminized seeds

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