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Unpretentious varieties of marijuana: top 3 seeds recommended for beginners

Growers' efforts can be thwarted by pests, disease or improper care. Unpretentious varieties of marijuana can help to avoid trouble. Among the many offerings in the Power Seeds online store are plant seeds that require no special conditions and maintenance throughout their growth period. Among them are:

1. AK 47 Auto Feminised. From the seeds of this marijuana you can get plants that are resistant to lack of moisture or its excess, mold, diseases and parasites. It can be said about these bushes that they grow practically on their own, so they are recommended to be purchased by novice growers. The yield of this plant is 400 grams per square meter.

2.      AK Auto Feminised refer to another variety that is suitable for grovelling outdoors and indoors. Bushes quickly sprout and grow, they are not afraid of temperature changes, periods of lack of moisture and other disturbances. Advantages of this variety include the ability to well tolerate disease and pest attacks. It can be grown outdoors and indoors. The second method requires air filtration during flowering, as the plants emit a strong sweet smell. This method gives a yield of 55-100 grams per square meter.

3. Amnesia Molotov. Plants germinate and grow well outdoors and indoors. They are able to resist mold and diseases, pests and short periods of lack of moisture. At the same time their yields are amazing - up to 500-600 grams of dry product per square meter.

Order hemp seeds of the listed varieties or choose others on the pages of our online store.

  • Unpretentious varieties of marijuana: top 3 seeds recommended for beginners