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A simple way to germinate cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds are not planted immediately in the ground - they must first germinate. The seeds need high humidity, a temperature of twenty-five to thirty degrees and access to filtered or bottled water. It is better not to use ordinary tap water. It is high in chlorine, sodium and other minerals that can harm the seeds. There are a few ways to germinate, but we will tell you about the simplest of them.

How to germinate cannabis seeds in a cotton pad

In addition to absorbent cotton disks, you will need a clean container or zip bag. A similar way to germinate in a sponge, but it is not as convenient. It is important to trace the moment of splitting the shell in time, otherwise the seed will grow into absorbent cotton or foam. Gently getting rid of the sponge without damaging the stub can be more difficult.

What to do to make the seed sprout:

  1. Put it on a cotton pad, covering it with another such;
  2. fill the syringe with water of about thirty degrees (not more than thirty-two degrees) prepared in advance;
  3. moisten the cotton disks with the syringe, and when they are completely wet, squeeze out the excess;
  4. put the wet disks in a container or zip bag, from which all the air should be let out before closing.

Additional germination conditions

Wrap the container with the cotton disks or the zip bag with a thick cloth against light and put it in a warm place. Remember that the optimum temperature for germination varies between twenty-five and thirty degrees. So it is best to place the seeds close to a heater or radiator. The seeds will need from twelve hours to several days to germinate. When the shell splits and a small white root appears, the seed can be planted in the substrate with its tail sprouted into the ground.

  • A simple way to germinate cannabis seeds

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