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Cannabis cure for cancer

Medical marijuana is often used to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy. Studies and practical experience have shown that it reduces nausea, stimulates appetite, and alleviates pain and helps sleep. Patients are usually prescribed cannabis oil - it's different from what's sold in the supermarkets, since you need mature plants to produce it.

For the same reason, medicinal cannabis oil and medicines based on it are not freely available in countries where marijuana is illegal. Even if they do not contain THC, the main psychoactive component of cannabis, CBD, which is the substance responsible for most of the plant's beneficial properties, is prohibited. Right now, marijuana is used primarily as an adjunct therapy to treat cancer, but there is evidence - so far without a solid scientific basis - that a full-fledged cancer cure from cannabis could be created.

How cannabis fights cancer

In 2008, a study was published in the International Journal of Cancer that described the in vitro anticancer effects of the 9-THC component and other phytocannabinoids. This study examined the effects of cannabis substances on pancreatic tumors and found that cannabis activation of CB2 receptors caused cancer cells to die without affecting normal cells. Earlier, in 2000, scientist Galv-Roperch conducted experiments on rats with malignant gliomas. He also proved that by interacting with human endocannabinoid receptors it is possible to destroy the tumor without significant neurotoxic effects. There is another successful "mouse" experience, but already in the treatment of breast cancer.  

There is also evidence of the efficacy of cannabinoid cancer treatment in humans. Gusman and his team were the first to show the anti-tumor effects of Δ9-THC. The sample included 9 patients with recurrent glioblastomas that could not be treated with radiotherapy or surgery. In the experiment, Δ9-THC was combined with chemotherapy and resulted in tumor shrinkage in 2 of the 9 patients.

There is still rather little scientific evidence for the efficacy of cannabis cancer treatment, especially when applied to human rather than rodent cancer cells. However, research in this direction is ongoing. Many cancer patients are already using cannabis oil or marijuana-based products to treat their symptoms, and some have not given up hope of a complete cure.