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Buy faint-smelling cannabis seeds in Ukraine

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Growing cannabis in indoors is both interesting and non-trivial. One of the nuances that gives growers, especially inexperienced beginners, a lot of trouble is the specific and quite strong aroma emitted by the bushes during the flowering phase.

In order to solve this important problem for many people, breeders work tirelessly to breed such hybrids, the smell of which can be easily neutralized. Every interested buyer can see the results of their work in the "low-smelling seeds" section of our Power Seeds online store.

Growing shrubs which smell a few times less intense than regular varieties of cannabis is much more profitable because you can save a lot on an air vent system.

The aroma of the bushes will be even easier to neutralize if you consider that its intensity is affected by:

Increased temperature in the grow box;
lamps placed a short distance away from the bushes;
pruning the shoots;
moving the plants to a new location.
Also inexpensive activated charcoal filters and special gel neutralizers, which are made from plant raw materials, can do an excellent job with the smell. You don't have to forget about regular airing.

With us you can buy at a low price quality cannabis seeds of low-smelling varieties with prompt delivery anywhere in the country from a reliable logistics company.